Allegheny County Breweries & Brewpubs

October 15, 2016 (
Pa LCB system was accessed October 15, 2016)

Active Breweries & Brewpubs in Allegheny County
These breweries can be found in Pittsburgh & Allegheny County pages
Listings per Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Data Base
Tabulation and additional notes to be added soon

Brewery and brewery pub count as of March 19, 2016.
Prior to May 2016, the
Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board showed 26 brewing (G) licenses for Allegheny County, and 9 having a license to operate as a brewery pub (GP). Since the May 2016 change in their website, the LCB no longer gives a total count. Nor does it show al the breweries in the “All” category. One needs t search other categories. The Tabulation below shows counts for each category.

Two entries have a restaurant license (R) in which they are not permitted to brew.
They are listed for historical reference.

412 Brews (-PENDING-)
706-708 Island Avenue, McKees Rocks, Pa. 15136

Allegheny City Brewing (G)
Under construction. Brewing License G618
507 Foreland St
Pittsburgh (North Side) 15212-4910
Installing equipment as of early October 2015. Official opening day was Wednesday, 28, 2016.

American Beverage Corp (G) (A)
1 Daily Way
Verona, Pa 15147
This is a commercial facility. They make non-alcoholic (Little Hugs) and alcoholic drinks. They also have a distillery license (A). Brewing License G566

Arsenal Cider House & Wine Cellar (G)
1700 Universal Road, Penn Hills
Owner: Bill & Michelle Larkin
Received a brewery license on October 14, 2016 for this location. Arsenal has the home Cider House in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh.
As of this posting they are still in the building stage.

Aurochs Brewing Co. (G)
Opened November 13, 2012. Brewing License G527

Owner: 2124 Brewing Company LLC
8321 Ohio River Blvd (Pa Route 65)
Emsworth, Pa. 15202
Reopened after a remodel
Formerly at 2124 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh.
Established in 2012 and makers of gluten free beer.

Church Brew Works (R)
Opened August 1, 1996
See: Lawrenceville Brewing Co, below
The Church is not licensed to brew beer nor is it a brewpub. It is a restaurant having a restaurant license (R). The Lawrenceville Brewing Company (owner of the restaurant) and the Brew Works are within the same building.

Cobblehaus Brewing (G)
1052 Main Street, Coraopolis
Incorporated on May 12, 016 and received a brewing license in September 2016. The brewery is not operating as of this posting date but updates will follow.

Copper Kettle Brewing Co (G)
Opened January 4, 2012. Brewing License G436 (Expired)
Owner: Matthew Dean Inc.
557 Greenfield Ave
Pittsburgh, (Greenfield) PA 15207-1093

Costar Brewing Inc. (G)
Opened February 2013. Brewing License G472

Owner: Costar Brewing Inc.
919 N St. Clair
Pittsburgh, (Highland Park) Pa. 15206
Costar Way is in the rear of the property.

Couch Brewery & Brewery Pub (G) & (GP)
1351 Washington Road, Larimer neighborhood of Pittsburgh/
This is near Negley Run.
Received a brewery license on October 14, 2016.

Dancing Gnome (G) & (GP)
Brewery under construction and not yet licensed.
925 Main Street, Sharpsburg
Official opening day was Saturday, October 1, 2016.

Draai Laag (Dry Log) Brewing Co. (Regional Brewery) (G) (GP)
Opened 2011. Brewing License G448
Draai Laag Brewing Company LLC
501 E Ohio St.
Millvale, Pa. 15209
This is a Belgian inspired brewery founded in 2009.

Draai Laag (Dry Log) Brewing Co. (Regional Brewery) (G)
Draai Laag Brewing Company LLC
3812 William Flynn Highway, Building 4, Space 4B, Allison Park 15101-3660
Brewing license for this production brewery posted by the Pa. LCB in June 2015.
Brewing License G595

East End Brewing Co. (Regional Brewery) (G) (GP)
Larimer location opened in 2012 after relocating from the original Homewood location, which opened in 2004. Brewing License G373
Owner: East End Brewing Company Inc., Scott Smith
147 Julius St at Frankstown Ave.
Pittsburgh (Larimer) Pa. 15208

Eleventh Hour Brewing (G) (-PENDING-)
Under construction. Brewery expects to open in 2016.
3701 Charlotte Street (Lawrenceville) 15201

Grist House Brewing (Brewpub) (G) (GP)
Opened May 24, 2014. Brewing License G502

Owner: Mientkiewiczeaton LLC
10 Sherman Street 15209
Millvale. Pa.
Phone: 814 528 2303
Brian S. Eaton & Kyle L. Mientkiewicz

Helicon Brewing (G)
Under construction
102 Union Ave, Oakdale
Chris Brunetti, owner & brewer
Any Weigel will be working at the brewery
Brewing license G633 was posted by the LCB (assessed February 3, 2016). The license is active license as of April 15, 2016.

Hitchhiker Brewery (G) (GP)
Opened May 2014. Brewing License G521
Owner: Hitchhiker Brewing Company, Gary & Serena Olden
190 Castle Shannon Blvd
Mt. Lebanon, Pa. 15228
Phone: 412 343-1950
Brewer: Andy Kwiatkowski

Hofbräuhaus Pittsburgh (Restaurant & Brewpub) (G)
Opened March 29, 2009. Brewing License G407
Owner: Hofbräuhaus Brewing Company
2705 South Water St at South 27th Street
Pittsburgh, (South Side Works) Pa. 15203-2391
Phone: 412 224-2328
Brewer: Ed Slouffman, Eckhart Kurbjuhn start-up brewer

Hop Yard Brewing (G) (GP)
Opened 2012. Brewing License G490
Owner: Hop Yard Brewing, Matthew P. & Emily P. Gouwens
5601 Butler St
Pittsburgh, (Lawrenceville) Pa. 15201

Insurrection Ale Works (G) (GP safekeeping)
Opened November 27, 2015. Brewing License G543

Owner: Insurrection Brewing Company LLC
1635 E Railroad St
Carnegie, Pa. 15106
Matthew H. Messer & Brad W. Primozic
The post office is Carnegie but the borough is Heidelberg.

Iron City Brewing Company (G)
Owner: Iron City Brewing LLC
3340 Liberty Ave.
Pittsburgh, (Lawrenceville) Pa.
They appear to be out of business but the company has a license to brew at this address. Their plan was to operate a small batch test brewery that was more economical over a full production plant. The future is uncertain but anything can happen after the existing brewery property is developed.
Brewing License G25 (Expired)

Lawrenceville Brewing Co (G)
Opened August 1, 1996

Owner: Lawrenceville Brewery LLC (Sean Casey)
Incorporated on August 2, 1995. Brewing License G281 (Expired)
3525 Liberty Ave at 36
th St.
Pittsburgh, (Lawrenceville) Pa. 15201
Phone 412-688-8200
Owner: Sean Casey

Mindful Brewing Company LLC (G)
Under construction. Brewing License G583 (Expired)
Owners: Melissa M Jones & Abigail Sorbara
3759 Library Road
Castle Shannon, Pa. 15234
Established in 2015 and expected to open in 2015 but now shooting for early/mid 2016.

Penn Brewery (R)
Opened September 12, 1989 as Allegheny Brewery & Pub
Penn Brewery & Allegheny Brewery Ratskeller
Owner: Pennsylvania Brewing Company. Brewing License G253
Troy Hill Road & Vinial St 15212 (North Side)
The Penn Brewery is not licensed to brew beer nor is it a brewpub. It is a restaurant having a restaurant license (R). The Pennsylvania Brewing Company is the owner of the restaurant. The Penn Brewery was originally known as the Allegheny Brewery & Pub when it first opened in 1989.

Pennsylvania Brewing Company (G)
Received brewing license on April 10, 1989
Pennsylvania Brewing Co. (Est. 1986) Brewpub (Opened1989)
Troy Hill Road & Vinial St 15212 (North Side)
Pittsburgh, (North Side) Pa. 15212
PBC was the first brewery to open a brewpub in Pittsburgh with the Allegheny Brewery & Pub. It changed the pub name to Penn Brewery. This is Pennsylvania’s first brewpub as well.

Pig Hill Brewery (G)
January 5, 2012. Brewing License G463
Owner: Pig Hill Brewery LLC, Joe Reichenbacher & Naomi Auth

6901 Lynn Way, Pittsburgh (address for license)
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15208
Formerly at 1721 Lowrie Street, Troy Hill

Pittsburgh Bottle Shop and Brewhouse (-PENDING-)
1597 Washington Pike, Bridgeville, Pa. 15017-2894
The zip code is for Bridgeville but the Shop is in Collier.

Rivertowne Pour House (Brewpub) (G)
Opened 1997. Brewing License G391

312 Center Road, Monroeville
Phone: 412 372 8199
Brewer: Andrew Maxwell

Robber Baron Brewing Corp. (G) Pending
Under construction. Brewing License G620 (Safekeeping)
2300 Babcock Blvd.
Ross Township 15237-3220
(AKA County Wines)

Roundabout Brewery (G) (GP)
Opened July 13, 2013. Brewing License G489

Owner: James Henry LLC, Steve and Dyana Slone
4901 Butler St
Pittsburgh, (Lawrenceville) Pa. 15201

Southern Tier Pittsburgh LLC (-PENDING-)
316 North Shore Drive, (North Side) Pittsburgh Pa. 15212-5870

Spring Hill Brewing Pending
Under construction and not yet licensed.
1958 Varley St (North Side – Spring Hill), Pittsburgh 15212

Spoonwood Brewing (G)
Opened January 31, 2015. Brewing License G547

Owner: Spoonwood Brewing LLC
5981 Baptist Rd
Bethel Park, Pa. 15236
Steve Ilnicki left Rock Bottom to become the first brewer.

Rock Bottom Brewery AKA Walnut Brewery (G)
Opened April 1, 2002
Operating Rock Bottom Brewery Pittsburgh. Brewing License G347
171 E Bridge Street under the Pittsburgh-Grey’s Bridge
(The Grey’s were a nationally famous negro-league baseball team)
Homestead (The Waterfront), Pa. 15120
Phone: 412-462-2739 Fax: 412-462-4514
Brewer: Meg Evans.
Brandon McCarthy (prior to 2012) left in late 2015.
Steve Ilnicki opened Sppowood as head brewer.
First brewer was Matthew Carroll. See the Homestead page for more brewers here.

The Brew Gentlemen Beer Company (G) (GP)
Opened May 21, 2014. Brewing License G487

Owners: Asa B Foster III & Matthew Katase
512 Braddock Ave, Braddock, Pa. 15104

The Leaning Cask Brewing Co. (-PENDING-)
850 Pittsburgh Street, Springdale, Pa. 15144-1623
A Joshua David Lipke company

War Streets Brewing (G) (Safekeeping)
Under construction. Brewing License G628

1416 Arch Street at Jacksonia Street
Pittsburgh (North Side) Pa, 15212
Jake D. Beir & Zachary B. Ingoldsby, partners
Was under construction when I visited on Thanksgiving Day and received LCB brewing license in December 2015.

Closed Breweries & Brewpubs

These breweries can be found in Pittsburgh & Allegheny County pages

East End Brewing Co.
Opened 2004 Relocated to Larimer in 2012
Pittsburgh, (Homestead) Pa.

John Harvard’s Ale House
Opened August 19, 1997 Closed September 2008.
Brewing License G306 (Expired)
Penn Center (Wilkins Township, Allegheny Co.) Wilkins Township

Milkman Brewery (G) Brewery closed but license id listed as active by LCB
Opened July 2014 Closed April 2015. Brewing License G523 (Expired)
Owner: Milkman Brewing Company
2517 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, (Strip District) Pa. 15222
The brewery, which opened at this address in July 2014 will be going out of business at the end of April 2015. Bob Batz of the
Pittsburgh Post Gazette interviewed partners Justin Waters, Kyle Branigan and Jamie Rice said the landlord wants the brewery in that space.

Pennsylvania Brewing Co. (Allegheny Brewery & Pub) (North Side)
This entry reflects the name change when Allegheny Brewery & Pub became Penn Brewery.

Strip Brewery and Ale House (Strip District)
Opened June 1997 Closed June 1999
Owner: Slam Corporation, which filed on November 12, 1996.
2106 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, (Strip District) Pa. 15222
Opened (after May) 1997 (grand opening June 6), closed June 1999

Sweetwater Brewing Co. (Foundry Ale Works) (Strip District)
Opened November 1997 Closed 2003. Brewing License G301 (Expired)
2816 Smallman St, Pittsburgh (Strip District) Pa, 15222
Sweetwater incorporated on June 6, 1995. The principals were Blaze A Katich, William Rogers, William Rodgers Jr., and Paul Williams

Three Mugs Brew Pub (G) (GP)
They went out of business prior to opening. I was told by another brewer that their brewing equipment was sold, but I have not verified this.
Owners: Bradley M Smith & Alesha A Smith, Three Mugs Brew Pub LLC
5967 Broad Street in the Bakery Square complex
Pittsburgh (East Liberty) Pa. 15206
Established in 2015. License removed from the LCB site.

Three Rivers Brewery (Strip District)
Smallman St, Pittsburgh, (Strip District) Pa. 15222
Opened December 1996 Closed July 31, 2003

Valhalla (Strip District)
1150 Smallman St
Opened 1997 Closed September 29, 2003
Smallman St, Pittsburgh, (Strip District) Pa. 15222
Closed in September-October 2003. Brewing License G300 (Expired)

Pa. Rules

Since 2011 per 47 P.S. § 4-440:
Brewpubs are permitted to refill growlers labeled with another brewery’s name.
Breweries are not allowed to refill growlers having a label from another brewery.

Brewpubs may sell beer to go and can fill any growler but breweries may only fill a growler with their name on it.

Breweries may sell beer in any container or package of any volume to individuals for off premises consumption. The beer must be registered with the Pa LCB
Brewery pub licensees are permitted to refill growlers from any source. [40 Pa. Code §3.92]. The reason for this distinction is that brew pubs are treated as eating place retail dispenser licensees and the rules and regulations do not include the “original container” language that appears in the brewery license sections.