Independent Brewing Company

May 5, 2013

Update American Brewery in Millvale to reflect the notes below.

The company was incorporated on January 7, 1905 but all the breweries in the combine may not have merged on that date. Unlike the Pittsburgh Brewing Company, whose breweries were located primarily within the Pittsburgh, the Independent Brewing Company of Pittsburgh's breweries were outside of Pittsburgh and in other counties. The Independent Brewing Company dissolved in 1933

Some publications give February 1905 as the formation of the company. This has occurred with the formation date of Pittsburgh Brewing Company of 1899 as well. The February date in this case is possibly the date it was published in a newspaper.

Company Officers

Brewer’s Journal & Barley, Malt and Hop Trades’ Reporter, Volume 41, published September 1, 1917 reported the new officers for the Independent Brewing Company to be:

WP Hansell, President
James P. Mulvilhil, Vice President and Sales Manager
C. H. Friend Vice President
J. H. Friday, Treasurer
H. C. Baxmeier, Secretary

For reference, the offices of Duquesne were:
Henry Miller (February 6, 1857 – August 19, 1901), President
He was a furniture salesman at 1312 E Carson St
Fredrick N. Stucky
John Benz (d. June 8, 1939 at 87)
Death notice:,6262307
Peter Hermes
Justus Mulert Sr.

I have no information if these two groups of men had a common business interest prior to the forming of Independent, but I find it interesting that one would form a brewing company whereas the other formed a conglomerate. This would be similar to having a company buyout all of Pittsburgh Brewpubs.

The Independent Brewing Company Portfolio

The following 15 breweries were active with Independent for the years listed:

1904 – 1920 Anderton Brewery, Beaver Falls, Beaver Co.

1904 – 1912 & 1918 – 1920 Butler Brewing, Butler, Butler Co.

1905 – 1920 American, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co.
1904 – 1920 Chartiers Valley, Carnegie, Allegheny Co.
1905 – 1933 Duquesne, Pittsburgh Allegheny Co.
1904 – 1920 First National, McKees Rocks, Allegheny Co.
1904 – 1920 Hill Top, Mount Oliver, Allegheny Co.
1904 – 1920 Home Brewery, Braddock, Alleghany Co.
1904 – 1920 Homestead, Homestead, Allegheny Co.
1904 – 1909 Lutz & Son, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co.
1904 – 1920 New Kensington, New Kensington, Allegheny Co.

1904 – 1920 Charleroi, Charleroi, Washington Co.
1904 – 1920 Globe, Monongahela, Washington Co.
1905 – 1920 Monessen, Monessen, Washington Co.

1904 – 1920 Loyalhanna, Latrobe, Westmoreland Co.
Moody’s Analyses of Investments, Volume 2, 1918, gives April 1907 when Independent acquired Loyalhanna.

The Congressional edition, Volume 6514 of the United States listed 16, which could have been a typo. I can understand the 1904 dates preceding the 1905 merger date but I can find little supporting it.

Notes on the above Breweries

Anderton Brewery Note
James Anderton came to Beaver Fall in 1867 and built the Spring Water Brewery. His first product was an ale. James and Jonathan Anderton founded the brewery. The name was changed to Anderton Brewing Company in 1891 when John and W.T. Anderton became owners. The brewery became a part of Independent Brewing Company on February 9, 1905.

Anton Brewing Note
The American Brewers Reviews of 1905 (Volume 19) indicated that in 1899 the (Fred M.) Anton Brewing Company of Monongahela was bought by the Independent Brewing Company.

Loyalhanna Brewery Note
August Schneider was a brewer in Germany and Switzerland. He came to America on May 1, 1880, arriving in Philadelphia. Eventually he came to Millvale and was brewmaster for the Enz Brewing Company. He then founded the American Brewing Company, above. After four years he went to Latrobe along with his partner Philipp Herman, founded Loyalhanna Brewery

The Common Mistake

It is common to mistake the Independent Brewing Company for the Duquesne Brewery. The Duquesne Brewery, like the others was a part of the family of breweries under the parent company of Independent Brewing. Third parties interchange the two when citing dates, which is misleading. The main office for Independent was the Duquesne Brewery site on Pittsburgh’s South Side.