January 5, 2015

The Court of Quarter Sessions of Allegheny County incorporated the Borough of Braddock on June 8, 1867. It was a part of Wilkins Township.

Brewery Locations

Braddock Brewing Company
Location unknown but should be the location of the Home Brewing Co.
Braddock Brewing was formed with the intention of having a brewery built using a patented vacuum fermentation process.
The Pfaudler Vacuum Fermentation Co. of Rochester, NY had a contract to supply material and equipment to Phillip Julius Vischer for the purpose of building a brewery. Vischer was the vendor, who was building the brewery for the Braddock Brewing Co. Vischer was also supplying the labor. The agreement for this enterprise was designed on February 10, 1897. A court case resulted from this enterprise and Braddock went into receivership about 1900. I cannot find the exact location of the intended brewery and the reference to Home Brewing is speculative on my part.

Two people associated with the Braddock Brewing Co. are Phillip Christman and Julius Geiselhart (February 24, 1844 – May 11, 1905).

In 1915 & 1916, Phillip Julius Vischer was brewmaster for the American Brewing Company of Rochester, NY, per the Brewers’ Journal, Volume 40. He was believed to be in Jeanette, Pa in 1901, which was the same time Braddock Brewing re-incorporated.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported on October 21, 1934 that R L MacDonald, receiver for the brewery petitioned the court for the right to end operations.

Brew Gentlemen Beer Co
Owners: Matthew Katase & Asa Foster
512 Braddock Ave. (Harco Electric building)
Received an update from Asa Foster, Chief Community Officer on 7.08/13.
New brewery expected to open by the end of 2013. Started by two men from Carnegie-Mellon University, either in 2012 per their Linkedin page. Started brewing in March 2014. Head brewer is Brandon Capps was hired in February 2014. He is a confirmed Cicerone

General Braddock Brewing Co.
804 Halket Ave
Preceded by Home Brewing
Founded in 1933 by Dan (father) and Art (son) Rooney of the Art Rooney/Pittsburgh Steelers family. Despite all that has been written about the Rooney’s, the exact date may be inaccurate. It is also doubtful if Art ever saw the inside of this brewery. Hopkins 1903 Atlas, Plate 10 shows Home between Eight and Ninth but at Eight.

The Pittsburgh Press, “Two Breweries Are Unable to Operate” October 21, 1934 reported that R J McDonald was the receiver of the General Braddock Brewing Co. and petitioned the court for the right to end production due to competition, high taxes and labor. The request was granted. General Braddock Brewing incorporated on January 1, 1933 (August 15, 1933) and withdrew on January 1, 1935.

The brewery was used as an emergency hospital to treat victims of the 1936 St. Patrick’s Day flood.

C & P Seewald Old Braddocks Brewery
George Street between Pennsylvania RR tracks and un-named alley (north of Braddock Street) and un-named alley east of George Street
Succeeded by the Schafer Brewery, below.
1876 atlas, plate 16 shows this brewery but it was not shown on the 1876 atlas, plate 16. Peter Seewald and Conrad Speidel, owners. Seewald was a brewer in Germany and immigrated to America in 1857. He bought the land for the brewery in 1865. He died in 1906. Seawald had property nearby on Braddock St at Hays House.

Gustav Shultz River View Brewery
Dumas Street between River Avenue and Grant Street
1876 atlas, plate 16 in the Greater Pittsburgh group shows this brewery. Mr. Shultz came to this area later in life and lived on Washington Avenue at the time of his death. He operated the brewery for ten years but I do not have firm dates.
The 1886 atlas, plate 16 shows the brewery with the street names being Washington (E-W) and Seventh Street (N-S).

Home Brewery
Halket and Eight Streets
South of Halket and east of Aliquippa
Followed by General Braddock Brewing
Followed by Independent Brewing Co. Home Plant
Shown on the 1903 atlas, plate 10 as the Home brewing Company, as it was not merged with Independent until 1904. Was with Independent Brewing from 1904 to 1920 and is shown on the Sanborn Map of 1914. The brewmaster in 1918 was William Voss.

Home incorporated in 1901 having the following officers:
Anton Armuth, President; George J Zimmermann, VP; Bruno Fink, Treasurer; Joseph Stolitz, manager.

Pittsburgh Brewing Company
227 Third Street, west side, south of Halket
200 Braddock Avenue at Second St, South-West corner
PBC had these properties, which were close to each other and close to a rail line. Neither were used for brewing purposes but more than likely they were distribution centers. The lots were shown on the 1903 Hopkins Atlas, Plate 10.

Schafer Brewery (N Schafer Brewery)
George Street off Braddock Ave
Proceeded by the C & P Seewald Brewery, above.
Shown in the Sanborn Fire Insurance map of 1886 & 1896. The brewery was on the same lot with the German National Church. The brewery was next to and connected with the Parochial School.

Non-Brewing Entries

D Lutz & Son Brewing Company
According to the 1896 – 1897 American Brewers Review, Philip Jul. Vischer was the superintendant of a Lutz facility in Braddock.

Pittsburgh Brewing Co
Halket Street (with the rail lines)
PBC had a warehouse with railroad siding in 1908. Wood Way was parallel to Halket and was at the rear of the warehouse.