November 21, 2013

Clairton became a city on January 1, 1922 with the merger (and vote) of three Jefferson Township boroughs: North Clairton, Clairton and Wilson. Clairton Borough was incorporated on April 25, 1903.

Brewery Locations

Monongahela Valley Brewing Co.
(Clairton Brewing Co.)
State St at Locust w/ Railroad parallel to State
A new, five-story brewery, including grain elevator and icehouse as reported in the newspaper, Money, 1902.
The Pittsburgh Press, in an article published on April 6, 1914 about the liquor license court gave the location as Blair Station. This is the name used by the railroad. Their charter as filed with the Pennsylvania Secretary of State has the corporation enrolled on December 30, 1901.
President: Wolf of Duquesne, Secretary: Edward W. Beedle of Homestead, Treasurer: Beedle of Jones Station.

American Brewer’s Review reported in 1916 that Frank Kohn organized and became president of the Clairton Brewing Company (Charted in 1916) and is the operator of the Monongahela Valley Brewing Co. A. August Schneider was brewmaster. Schneider succeeded C. F. Randolph as trustee in 1916.

See the Sandborn
map of 1915, sheet 10 for the brewery location.