Duquesne City
(Monongahela River, not Allegheny River Borough)

April 12, 2018

Brewery Locations

Duquesne Brewery
(Branch of the Crescent Brewing Co. of Irwin, Pa.)
Previously: Peoples Brewery
Henry Sutter was brewmaster after 1915
(He became brewmaster with Indian Brewing Co., Indiana, Pa. in 1917.)
Franz Kopp was the brewmaster in 1918.

Eagle Brewing Co.
Superior Street
From 1907 to 1910
Followed by: People’s Brewery
American Brewers’ Review, Volume 20 of 1906 reported that this brewery was just built and was a large brewery. It was reported (April 5) that the Eagle Brewery was refused a license in 1907. The American Brewers’ Review, Volume 25 of 1911 reported that it went into receivership on January 4, 1911. The first brew was started on October 27, 1907 although the Brewers Journal, Volume 31 (1906) has September 1 in its September issue, yet says in its October issue that the brew house was being installed. The September issue may be implying that the brewery structure was being constructed in September.

Peoples Brewing Co.
Succeeded by: Duquesne Brewery
Known to be operating in 1911 and believed to have incorporated on January 1, 1910. It was charted on May 26, 1910 as noted by the Pennsylvania Secretary of State.

The Sanborn Fire Insurance map of 1911, sheet 3, shows a bottling works between Superior Street and Peach Alley, next to the Gehlert Hotel.

From the
Brewers' Journal and Barley, Malt and Hops Trades' Reporter, Volume 40, July 1, 1916. Henry Sutter was brewmaster of the People's Brewery in Duquesne. He became a new member of the United States Brewer’s Association. Conrad Haberstumpf was a new brewmaster as reported in the American Brewer’s Review, Volume 24 (1910).

American Brewers Journal, Volume 58 (1922) reported that Conrad Haberstumpf took a position with the John Karmaier Brewery in Altoona, Pa., leaving the Dotterweich Brewing Co. in Olean, NY as brewmaster. He was at Dotterweich in 1918.

Rogan Brewing Company
925B Duquesne Blvd. 15110-1525
Owner: Richard F. (Rick) Morgan
It has a pending license as of this posting date.

Correction received Richard Morgan, May 31, 2017
I received an update from Richard F. (Rick) Morgan, the owner Rogan Brewing Company, LLC. He informed me that Cheryl Nemerovsky owns the building. He is leasing that property from her to build and operate a brewery. He has approval (Brewer’s Notice) from the TTB as of April 4, 2017. As of May 31, 2017, his application for a Brewery License from the PA LCB remains pending. I originally reported that this was to be Allegheny County’s first woman-owned brewery but that is not the case. I mistook Cheryl Nemerovsky’s name to be the owner where she was listed by the LCB to be the property owner.


Mutual Union Brewing Co.
514 Union Ave, Aliquippa, Pa.
In 1906 Allegheny County liquor dealers formed The Mutual Union Brewing Company. Although the brewery was in Aliquippa, Beaver County, the main office was in Pittsburgh in the Union Arcade Building.

Industrial Directory, Volume 3, 1919 has Union Arcade, Pittsburgh (Allegheny County) as the main office, but the Industrial Directory…of Pennsylvania, Volume 4, 1922 has the office at 1218 W Carson St, Pittsburgh.

Assets of the Mutual Union Brewing Co were auctioned on April 2, 1917 due to foreclosure. The auction brought in $142,810.

Crescent Brewing Co.
Then, on June 10,1915, the Mutual Union Brewing Company incorporated the Crescent Brewing Co. in Irwin, Westmoreland County. It was re-named Union in 1913. In 1915, the Crescent Brewing Co. acquired a brewery in Duquesne.

The Crescent Brewing Company of Irwin had three plants:

Union Brewery, Irwin from 1905 when it became Crescent Brewery until1913. It went back to Union. Closed at start of prohibition.

Peoples Brewery, Duquesne: which closed at the start of prohibition.

Union Brewery, Tarr (called Tarrs, Pa. now): closed in 1939.

Union Brewery, Duquesne City
American Machinist, Volume 26 (1903) had an entry that George Ekhert, president of Union Brewing Co., Pittsburgh, was the head of a group of investors who planned to build a brewery in Clarksburg, W. Va. called the Clarksburg Brewing Co.

George Eckert
President of the Crescent Brewing Co.
Vice President of the Union Deposit Bank of Jeannette.
Director of Windber Brewing
Born on July 13, 1864 in Ashaffenburg, Germany. Lived in Pittsburgh for less than one year.