(Tarentum until after 1901)

Founded in 1829 by Henry Brackenridge, Tarentum Borough was created by the court from a part of East Deer Township on March 7, 1842. Brackenridge succeeded on September 21, 1901 by court order. Both brewery location are in what is today Brackenridge

July 15, 2018

Brewery Locations

There were two locations for the Anchor Brewery in Brackenridge.
The 1897 Sanborn has Anchor Brewery between N Canal (6
th Ave) and Humes (7th Ave) “to be in operation in May 1897” and Anchor Brewery between Humes and Vine “to be abandoned in May 1897. 1902 Sanborn has between Humes and Vine as a bottling house. The brewery between N Canal and Humes is called out as the Acme Brewing Company, which I think is an error on Sanborn as Anchor was used to describe the owner after 1902.

Anchor Brewing (1897 – 1940)
(AKA Tarentum Brewing Co.)
(AKA Brackenridge Brewing)
North Canal St w/ some publications giving South Canal St
Formed in 1896 and continued to at least 1936. They were known to brew Ale, Porter, Lager and Beer. The Tarentum-Kiski Valley Historical Society places the operating dates from 1897 to 1920 with re-opening in 1933 until short of 1943.

John G Wellinger was president of Anchor since inception in 1896.
(b. 1838 Germany) Arrived in Pittsburgh 1855
He operated the brewery with his three sons, John C, Treasurer, Fedrerick, Secretary and Charles H, Superintendent of bottling department.

In 1918 the bottling department superintendant was G. A. Ober and the superintendant and brewmaster was Gustave W. Hauch. A bottling house was constructed on North Canal Street and was opened in April 1914.

It was advertized in
The American Jewish Outlook of July 17, 1936 that:
Gustave H. Hatch, formerly brewer of the Old Anchor Beer, has returned as brewmaster of the Brackenridge Brewing Company after an absence of 17 years. This would indicate that Hauch left the brewery in 1919.

This was in a notice in the
Pittsburgh Post Press on January 16, 1937.
Tarentum (founded by Judge Henry Brackenridge in 1829) was a dry town but residences on Brackenridge Avenue wanted to be wet so they sought court permission to succeed. By court order Brackenridge was incorporated on September 21, 1901. Sanborn maps (1914) show Brackenridge Boro.

Brewery Demolition:
Schaaf Excavating of Pittsburgh demolished the building in early 2015. The building was condemned in 2014.

Anchor Brewing, Avenue, Pa:
Beer bottles from the1800’s show the Anchor to be from Avenue, Pa. Documents with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania show this as well. The Avenue Bottling Works is shown on Sanborn map, sheet 9: (1914) and sheet 15: (1909), located at Mill Lock Lane (AKA Able Street) and Salisbury Alley.

Brackenridge Typhoid Fever Outbreak:
From January 1905 to August 1, 1907, there were 175 cases of typhoid fever in Brackenridge. A pipe brought water from a private spring on a nearby hill. It was to be for drinking in a glass factory and the brewery but no doubt used for brewing as well.

Brackenridge Brewing Company
The Brackenridge Brewing Company placed an ad in the in support of the labor unions of Fayette County. Brackenridge promoted their “Old Anchor Beer” brewed by Johnnie Mitterader, a former “Uniontown Brewmaster”. The Brackenridge workers were with Brewery Local No. 22.

Sanborn Maps
Penn State:

Anchor Brewing & Allegheny Valley Ice Company
Location was between North Canal Street and Humes and between Grant, Anchor Alley and Stamm Alley.
Sanborn map sheet 21: (1909).

The Allegheny Valley Ice Company
Location was between North Canal Street and Humes and between Grant, Anchor Alley and Stamm Alley.
Sanborn map sheet 15: (1914).