Moon Township

July 2, 2015

Gibb Brewery
The 1800 Septennial Census of Allegheny County listed taxable inhabitant Alexander Gibb as a brewer living in 1st Moon Township. The census did not list any location or name of a brewery. It is only speculation on my part but I would say the Gibb brewed on his farm or home.

The Beaver County Genealogy & History Center has an 1802 Tax list of First Moon Township listing Alexander Gibb having 162 acres, 5 horses, 4 cows, and a brewery. Published: Gleanings, Beaver County Genealogical Society,
Vol. XIII, No. 1, Sept 1988. History of Beaver County, Pennsylvania: And Its Centennial Celebration, Volume 2 has Alexander Gibb being a landowner in 1811. A survey was made on May 2, 1811 and is noted on page 136 of the Beaver County
Survey Book, No. 1. Gibb took possession of a farm in 1794.

Gibb Family

Alexander Gibb (Father)
Born: February 24, 1797 at Seventysix, Beaver County.
Died: February 24, 1878 at Cantor, Washington County.
Occupation: Farmer living in Findlay Township, Allegheny County.
Today, Seventysix is in Independence Township, Beaver County)

Jane Innis Greenlee (Mother)
Born: June 12, 1797 at Moon Township, Allegheny County.
Died: May 11, 1869 at Harshville, Beaver County.
Married Alexander Gibb at Clinton.

Alexander Greenlee Gibb (Son)
Born: June 4, 1822. Married Martha Jane Elder.
There were 11 children by Alexander & Jane Innis

Moon Township

Present day Moon Township was created with the formation of Findlay Township in 1822 and Crescent Township in 1855.

When Beaver County was created in 1800 it consisted of six townships: South Beaver, North Beaver, Sewickley, Hanover, First Moon and Second Moon.


South Beaver, North Beaver Townships were formed Beaver Township of Allegheny County. Sewickley Township was created from Sewickley Township, Allegheny County. Hanover Township was created from a part of Hanover Township, Washington County. First Moon and Second Moon were created from a part of Moon Township, Allegheny County.

Alexander Gibb was living in Allegheny County in 1800.
He had a brewery in 1800.
He had a son born in 1797.
The 1800 census identified Allegheny County.
Alexander Gibb, the brewer, became a resident of Beaver County in 1800.

Although there is scant material on the Alexander Gibb born before 1800, we can say that he was a brewer in Allegheny County. As the census and tax list has him owning a brewery I have to conclude that he sold beer to others outside his immediate family.

Vera Brewery
This entry is placed here but may be moved or deleted after I investigate it further to see its connection to Moon Township.

Col Antoine Francois Joseph Vera
(b. December 9, 1795 Brussels – d. June 4, 1858 Bridgewater)
At 19 years old he fought in the battle Waterloo.
He left for America in 1816.
Married Eliza Couch on July 14, 1822 and lived in Beavertown.
In 1832 he built a house and brewery in Bridgewater.