Mt. Lebanon

January 8, 2019

Brewery Locations

Hitchhicker Brewing Co.
190 Castle Shannon Blvd.
Mt. Lebanon, Pa. 15228
Owners: Gary P. & Serena Olden

November 2013 entry: Based on information in the Pa. LCB database the Mt. Lebanon location only had a brewpub license, which would have been for a brewery with attached restaurant. The Bridgeville location was licensed as a brewery only, which is a flex space facility.

As of the summer of 2017 this location has ceased brewing and the equipment sold. All brewing is now taking place at the Sharpsburg location.
A soft opening for the brewery and pub was May 10, 2014
Brewer: Andy Kwiatkowski (starting March 2014)
Andy was a cellarman at East End Brewing Company, September 2011 – April 2012. Assistant Brewer at Hitchhiker was Tiffany Thompson until July 31, 2015. She moved on to the Church Brew Works in Pittsburgh. Hart Johnson, who continues to nurture the cask ales at Piper’s Pub, (Pittsburgh, South Side) is now Andy’s assistant as of August 3, 2015.

Hitchhicker Brewing Co. (Brewery)
580 Mayer St.
Bridgeville, Pa. 15017
Owners: Gary P. & Serena Olden
The Pennsylvania LCB in 2013 gave this location a license to manufacture malt beverages. The municipality is given as Collier Township. The address has Bridgeville as that is based on the location of the post office that serves this address. This location (which I do not believe never opened) has been removed from the LCB list.