Borough of Mount Oliver

November 9, 2017

The Court of Quarter Sessions of Allegheny County incorporated the Borough of Braddock on June 8, 1867. It was a part of Wilkins Township.

Brewery Locations

Hilltop Brewing
Owner: Hilltop Brewing Company (1901 – 1904)
Owner: Independent Brewing Company (1904 – 1920)
417 Brownsville Road, Mt. Oliver
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Hilltop was a part of the Independent Brewing Co. from 1904 until 1920. It never re-opened as a brewery after prohibition. It is shown of the 1905 Hopkins Atlas Plate 2. Plate 11 of the 1916 Atlas showed the brewery as being owned by the Independent Brewing Company. Their charter as Hilltop Brewing Company was filed with the Pennsylvania Secretary of State has the corporation enrolled on September 6, 1901.

John H Geisler was a 1910 graduate of Wahl Henius Institute of Chicago for brewmasters. He started brewing in the Anteron Brewery in Beaver Falls, Pa., which was owned by his father Michael. In 1918 he came to Pittsburgh and became brewmaster for the Hilltop Brewery in Mt. Oliver. Between 1933 and 1956 he was brewmaster at the Carnegie Brewing Co. He then went to the Duquesne Brewery until his retirement in 1961.
Source: Pittsburgh Press, January 3, 1967.

John "Jack" Edward Geisler, born in Mt. Oliver, died on July 16, 2011. He was an electrical engineer for the Duquesne Brewery. He was the son of John H.

The 1916 edition of the
Proceedings of the Convention of the United States Brewers Association has the Hill Top Brewery located on Southern Avenue, Mount Oliver. At first glance this would appear to be incorrect as Southern Avenue is in the Mt. Washington neighborhood. But as the 1916 Hopkins map (Plate 22) shows this portion of Brownsville Road was also known as Southern Avenue.