June 17, 2017

Brewery Locations

Dancing Gnome Beer
925 Main Street
Owner: Andrew M Witchey
Brewing licensed received in April 2016
A building was obtained in December 2015 and production of the 10 barrel brewing system is scheduled for early 2016. The Pennsylvania Secretary of State has Dancing Gnome LLC incorporating on December 9, 2014.

Fort Pitt Brewery (Main Plant)
Canal Street (now Mary Street) at 16th Street
Established in 1906, Closed in 1957
Chartered on November 27, 1906
Acquired by American Brewing of Maryland in 1960. In 1973 or after American (owned by American malt Co. at the time) sold to Pittsburgh Brewing. But American was sold to Allegheny Beverage Corp. in 1967.
Founding officers:
Dr. Herman W. Hechelman, President
Samuel J. Grenet, Vice President
J. Emet Nestor, Secretary & Treasurer
Louis Meyer, Brewmaster
The Gunther Brewing Company of Baltimore acquired Fort Pitt in 1957.

Steel and Iron reported in 1907 that Bollinger Brothers in the Fulton Building received a $200,000 contract to build a stone and brick brewery for the Ft. Pitt Brewing Company.

Ice & Refrigeration, Volume 52, 1917, noted the brewery’s letting of a contract for a new bottling house at a cost of $35,000. The 3-story structure will be 66 feet X 84 feet.

Mine and Quarry, Volume 8-11, 1914 reported that Fort Pitt in Sharpsburg was using Allegheny River water supplied by the municipality of Sharpsburg but was too high in temperature. T he brewery frilled a well along the riverbank to supply pure and cold water. A 10-unch diameter test well was sunk 1,350 feet from the plant at a depth of110 feet/ It had a 12 foot long strainer in the gravel bed at a depth of 60 feet.

Victor Brewing Company
Not in the Regional Count – For reference only
1100 Penn Ave at 11th Street
Jeanette, Pa., Westmoreland County
Established in 1908 and brewed during prohibition. Resumed brewing in 1933. Taken over by Fort Pitt Brewing in 1941 and closed in 1955 (October 25). Fort Pitt Brewing sold the plant after stockholder voted to do so in 1956. It was sold to Papercraft Corp. in 1957.

Frank Maddas, who moved to Jeanette in 1907, founded the Victor Brewing Company. Prior to that in 1904 he founded the Masontown Brewing Company in Masontown, but resigned in 1907. He organized the Republic Brewing Co. of Republic, Pa. in 1909 and acquired the Greensburg Brewing Company in 1916.

Fort Pitt…That’s It by Robert A. Musson, M.D.
Dr. Musson wrote a truly excellent book on Fort Pitt.
Zepp Publications, Median, Ohio (
ISBN #978-0-9838404-3-5

Hitchhiker Brewing
230 15th Street (Canal Street (now Mary Street) at 15th Street)
The brewery is housed in the boiler room of the Fort Pitt Brewing Company.
This is the second home to the Mt. Lebanon based brewery.
They received their brewing license on June 7, 2017.
Hitchhiker brewed its first large scale batch on Sat