Comparative Notes

October 22, 2012

Comparative Notes

What is found in the
Pittsburgh Brewers website is essentially my notes on the breweries of City of Pittsburgh, Allegheny City and Allegheny County. I have additional supportive notes offline, as they are basically “margin notes”. A number of breweries are interconnected such that keeping separate notes would be difficult to manage, hence, the Comparative Notes section.

As with all the pages on this site, this section is a work in progress.
Feedback, additions or corrections are welcome.

Verification Process

The information used in verifying breweries and their locations come from many sources. Although fairly reliable there can be (and are) discrepancies.

Third-party authors have made omissions, incorrectly copied information or applied liberal literary license to their work. Many breweries have been sold and re-named and often dates are lacking in their history.

A common example of misrepresenting a brewery’s history is the association of a brewer/owner to the brewer/ownership of the brewery of long ago without acknowledgement of a chronicle time-line.

This section contains my notes that are assembled in such a way that I can filter out irregularities and illustrate a clearer path on a particular brewery’s history. This section also shows you how I arrived at my conclusions. Keep in mind that that accuracy of what I present in this work is a factor of what I am able to find. The pages in this section apply only to selected breweries or groups of breweries with ties to common ownership.

Deed Search

Tracing property ownership from deeds filed with Alleghany County can be performed but it is very time consuming. Any property search that I have performed has been very limited and would be indicated.