Straub Comparative Notes

March 23, 2015

This page works in conjunction with the Gangwisch page in the Comparative Notes section as Gangwisch and Straub partnered in brewing at several locations.

This document is relative to the Straub family of Pittsburgh.

Straub Timeline in Pittsburgh

U.S. Census records place John N. Straub being born in 1810 but there appears to be scant evidence of his life recorded at the time. The
Brewers Journal, Volume 31 has his birth as November 18, 1830. He arrived in America on July 4, 1830.

1831 July 4
John N. Straub came to America from Hesse-Darmstadt in the Grand Duchy of Hesse by Rhine.

Note: Peter P. Straub of St. Marys, Pa. was from Württemberg and the two are not related.

Unknown Date
John N. Straub walked to Pittsburgh from Baltimore. As noted above, there is little credible evidence of his life prior to brewing. It is also unknown to me when he could have arrived in Pittsburgh.

John N. Straub opened his first brewery in Pittsburgh on Third Street in Diamond Square before moving to the North Side in the 1840’s. The location today is Third Avenue at Market Square. A tailor, Jacob Beverly gave Straub start-up money for the brewery as well as making the proposal to him.
I had the date as 1832 but I refer to the
Industries of Pittsburgh that gives 1834.

The 1837
Pittsburgh Directory has Straub at Diamond Alley (Forbes Avenue) north of Smithfield.

Brewing Industry and the Brewery Workers' Movement in America by Herman Schlüter, International Union of United Brewery Workmen of America, Cincinnati, 1910, pg 46 give Straub’s first brewery opening in 1831.

Unknown Date, but prior to 1843
John N. marries Elizabeth Lang. See …Family, below. Two of their sons, Theodore F. & Herman A., would go into the brewing business.

Moving from Pittsburgh, John N. opens a brewery at 152 – 155 South Canal Street in Allegheny City, now the North Side. The
Brewers Journal, Volume 31 gives the year as 1843.

Straub & Long were coopers located on Ross Street and listed in
Harris’ Business Directory for 1844. F. Straub had a shop re-built on Ross Street after the fire of 1844.

1848 (This date may be incorrect)
Moving from Pittsburgh, John N. opens a brewery at South Canal Street in Allegheny City, now the North Side. The
Brewers Journal, Volume 31 gives the year as 1843.

Theodore Straub noted in
One Hundred Years of Brewing that his father had learned in 1848 that lager beer was being brewed in Philadelphia and was able to get the yeast sent to him by way of the Pennsylvania Canal.

His first lager was brewed in either January or February. He is credited in brewing the first lager beer in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh the Powerful reported that Straub sold his lager beer for the first time in 1850.

John Straub maintained a beer hall on Quarry Street in the Strip District.

1858 or 1859
Straub brewery on Canal Street is destroyed by fire the day after the insurance expired. It took Straub some effort but he was able to build a new brewery.

Straub forms a brewing company with his son Theodor; the John N. Straub & Co.

This is about the time Straub retired from brewing but he remained as owner. His sons, Theodore & Herman operated North Side brewery thereafter. A possible retirement year of 1864 is given in
Industries of Pittsburgh.

Theodore & Herman Straub buy the Gangwisch Brewery in Bloomfield prior to this date but the exact date is unknown to me. The Hopkins 1882 Atlas, Plate 10 identifies the land as the Straub & Son.

The Eberhardt & Ober Brewery bought the Straub Brewery on South Canal Street.
John N. was 73. See
Straub – Eberhardt, below

Peter P. Straub Reference: It is incorrectly stated that Peter Straub (who founded the Straub Brewery in St. Marys) worked for John N. at the Eberhardt & Ober Brewery. Peter worked for John N. at the Straub Brewery on South Canal Street. See the Straub of St. Marys page. As we have seen above, the Straub Brewery was sold after John’s retirement.

John N. Straub dies.
Allegheny County, Pennsylvania Illustrated indicated that he died “a few years ago: prior to the 1883 merger. I have seen 1880 as the year of death. The Pittsburgh Dispatch reported his death as being at 7AM on Wednesday, November 18, 1891. He was 82 years old.

The Eberhardt & Ober Brewery and the Straub (Union) Brewery along with others consolidate into the Pittsburgh Brewing Company. The Straub Brewery is the Bloomfield location. John N. Straub was 89.

In earlier postings I had this year as John N. Straub’s death, which should have been 1891, as a family descendant confirmed its date.

Straub Brewery Locations in Allegheny County
(These entries appear in the Downtown, North Side, Bloomfield and North Side pages and may be modified therein)

The entries are listed by neighborhood location when Gangwisch began operations in that neighborhood. This gives a time-line effect to the work below.


John N. Straub
John N. Straub opened his first brewery in Pittsburgh on Third Street in Diamond Square before moving to the North Side in the 1840’s. The location today is Third Avenue at Market Square. A tailor, Jacob Beverly gave Straub start-up money for the brewery as well as making a proposal to him to brew.

Straub Brewery
Third Street and Market (Market Square)
Straub established a small brewery in 1834 on Third Avenue near Market. A tailor, Jacob Beverly gave Straub start-up money for the brewery as well as making a proposal to him to brew.
Pittsburgh the Powerful and History of Pittsburgh have the date as 1832. Industries of Pittsburgh that gives 1834. History of Pittsburgh has greater detail on Straub than some other works. The Brewers Journal, Volume 31 has him arriving in America in 1830 making the 1834 date reasonable.

His brewery was small and he delivered his beer using a wheelbarrow.

Allegheny City (North Side)

Straub Brewery (John N)
South Canal Street
Established in 1848 by John N. Straub. The
Brewers Journal, Volume 31 has 1843.
Credited in brewing the first lager in Pittsburgh, which was called Allegheny City at the time.
In 1858 the brewery was destroyed by fire only one day after the insurance policy expired. The brewery al all the stock was a total loss. By 1867 he went into business with his son Theodor under the name John N. Straub & Co.

Straub – Eberhardt
In 1883 Straub & Company merges with Eberhardt & Ober at which time E & O became a stock company. John Straub had retired by 1879 and his sons Theodore and Herman were principals.
The merger resulted in the following officers:
John P. Ober, President
Theodore F. Straub, Vice President
Edward H. Straub, Treasurer
John G. Walther, Secretary
William Eberhardt, Superintendant
Martin Nusskern, Brewmaster
(George M. Nusskern became assistant brewmaster in 1918)

Allegheny Flour Milling Co.
Gilmore, Straub & Company
Canal Street next to the Straub Brewery, as shown on Hopkins 1872, Plate 82.
Flour and malting business
Theodore F. Straub was a partner in this milling company, which dissolved before his involvement in brewing.

David Gilmore was the owner of the Allegheny City Flouring Mills from 1861 to 1877, which was associated with Theodore Straub. This was shown on Hopkins 1871, Plate 82. The mill was located on South Canal Street adjacent to Straub’s brewery. Hopkins 1881, Plate 31 shows the mill belonging to John Walther, who was associated with Eberhardt & Ober as Secretary at the 1883 merger.

James Crawford built an addition to the Straub Brewery and the Gilmore Mill, both of which with were on Canal Street. I do not have a specific date but this occurred after the Butcher’s Run flood that occurred on July 26, 1874. The flood was highlighted in the
Pittsburgh Press on November 16, 1933.


Theodore & Herman Straub
(sons of John N)
Preceded by John Gangwish Brewery
Became the Union Brewery
From at least 1882 according to the Hopkins Maps.
1918 DK Straub was branch manager and brewmaster.

Union Brewery – Straub & Son
Preceded by John Gangwish Brewery
Followed by he Straub Brewery (Pittsburgh Brewing Co.)
Liberty Ave and Main St between Ella & Howley Streets

The Straub brothers, Herman & Theodore, from Allegheny City and the John N. Straub Brewery would take this brewery over probably before the Straub-Eberhardt & Ober merger in 1883. An 1882 atlas (plate 10) identifies the land as the Straub & Son – Union Brewery. The Straub Brewery became a part of Pittsburgh Brewing in 1899. It is a parking lot today.

Herman Straub & Co. (Aka: Nichols, Straub & Hammer, 1884) 1883-1899
Some reference material has this location as Lawrenceville. The Straubs at this brewery are relatives of John N. Straub and not Peter Straub of St. Mary’s, Pa. 1918 Brewmaster was D K Straub

Herman A. Straub (October 22, 1878-April 7, 1956) was a collecting clerk for the brewery. His father was Herman (1848)

Pittsburgh the Powerful has Gangwisch establishing he brewery in 1851. It rhen became Straub & Gangwisch (unknown date) and then in 1877 as Straub & Son (who would have been Herman). Pittsburgh the Powerful has 1880 as an end date but the brewery continues to be under the Straub faily.


Gangwisch & Co. Brewery
Owners: B. H. Gangwisch, John Gangwisch & J. H. Straub
Magnolia (Market) St & Juniata St
Preceded by the Manchester Ale Brewery
The Real Estate Plat Book of the City of Allegheny (Volume 1) 1890 Plate 15 has property of W. Dipple but does not show a brewery. Plate 13 has property on the diagonal corner with Wilhelm as owner. J. Straub had property (home) on Preble, south of Locust. J. Ober had a large lot across the street.

The brewery (but not the land) was acquired from John Dipple about 1887.

Manchester Brewery (J. & H. Dipple shown as property owners)
Market St & Juniata St, Allegheny City, Sixth Ward
Shown in Hopkins Atlas of 1872, Plate 88
Shown in Hopkins Atlas 1872 (Table of Contents) as a lager brewery.

Jacob Dippel, September 17, 1845 – May 31, 1878 (32 years)
Henry Dippel, March 8, 1847 – May 10, 1886 (39 years)

The owners of the brewery were Richard H. Gangwisch, John Gangwisch and J. H. Straub. They bought the building about 1896 from John Dipple.

Note: I gave the name of John S Straub in previous posting of this work but I believe the correct name to be John H. Straub.

Boiler Explosion
See the Manchester Ale Brewery in the Gangwisch Comparative Notes page for the boiler explosion.

Straub Brewery – St. Louis

Augustus W. Straub was born in Allegheny City, Pa. (March 30, 1846) and became a banker for a while. After traveling in Europe he returned and took an interest in brewing with his father, John N. He left for St. Louis 1872 and became a partner in the Julius Winkelmeyer Brewery. He retired from the business about 1890. As was typical in the business, Augustus married Julia Winkelmeyer in 1873.

St. Louis family members:
Augustus W. Straub, son of John N. Straub
Julia Sophia (Winkelmeyer) Straub, married in 1873
Julius N Straub (1874-1893),
Olga Ottilia Straub (1877-1936) married William Fredrick Anheuser
Arthur Otto Straub (1882 - 1956)

William Anheuser (father of William Fredrick) was born in Germany on February 6, 1836 to Eberhard Anheuser and Dorothea Richter. William married Frances Lange (1843, Ohio – 1910, St. Louis). William died on January 17, 1901 in St Louis, Missouri.
Children: Alice, Fred, Ida, Her
mine and Sadie.

The Ships

The cargo ship, USS Straub, was owned by the US Maritime Commission, War Shipping Administration and built in 1943. Theodore Straub was a founder in the Ft. Pitt Bridge Company, which made parts of ships for the navy during WWII. It is highly likely that the ship was named for Theodore.

A Liberty ship SS John Straub was also built in 1944. It was sunk off the coast of Alaska by a Japanese torpedo on April 18, 1944. The ship split in half, one sank in two minutes while the other stayed afloat. The USS Gilmore sunk the remaining section. Theodore Straub was an associate of Gilmore who operated a flourmill next to the site of the John Straub Brewery. It is interesting how these names come back under such circumstances.

John N. Straub Family
John N Straub & Elizabeth Lang

John N (1810 – November 18, 1891) Date of 1901 was incorrect in previous posts
Elizabeth Lang (1814? – April 23, 1888)
Children of Interest:
Theodore F. (1836)
_Married Henrietta Itin (1837 – 1910)
___Edward H. (July 1886 - 1930), treasurer of brewery
___Paul B. (December 1875 - ?) Treasurer in bridge works
______Donald B. (September 26, 1906 – January 5, 1998) Draftsman in bridge works
______Child who died young
Herman A. (1848 – 1917)
_Married Amanda Anshutz (18599 – 1932)
_Herman: Superintendant in Straub Brewery, Lawrenceville
___Herman A. (1877 or 1878 – 1956) worked at the brewery
___Josephine Funke (November 15, 1892 – June 5, 1973)
___Clerk in Straub Brewery, Lawrenceville
___No known children
John H. (December 19, 1851 – April 13, 1901)
Succeeded his father in brewing
Married Caroline E. Schultz

Additional Children of John N not involved in brewing:
Augustus, Charles Louis, Friederike, Margaretha and Ottilie

Edward H. Straub
Wilhelmina (Ober) Straub
John Ober, Homer and Olive Straub, who married J. Hartie Muller
Edward H. Straub dies at 81 and buried in Homewood Cemetery.

His brothers are Paul and Robert.
He was treasurer of PBC in 1909 and director in 1915. He was also a director of the Fort Pitt Bridge Company. He lived at 4143 Bigelow Blvd.
Pittsburgh Press, September 11, 1947

Theodore F. Straub & Henrietta Itin

Theodore F. Straub (1837 – 1900)
American Brewers Review has birth November 11, 1836
Henrietta Itin, daughter of x. Itin Street named after her father
Oscar Itin Straub
Edward H, Straub
Theodore Straub
Ella Nora
Paul B. Straub
Robert Maximillian Straub

Theodore Straub Bridge Executive
He was the Vice President & General Manager at the Fort Pitt Bridge Works when it incorporated on May 6, 1896.

Anchor Savings Bank
426 Fifth Avenue
Theodore was a director of the bank and George W. Eberhardt (banker & broker) was Vice-President. Some of the other directors were: Edward H. Straub was the Assistant Treasurer of the Pittsburgh Brewing Company, Henry Kaufmann, of Kaufmann Brothers and G. C. Dellenbach, President of Fort Pitt Bridge Works.
Published in the
Pittsburgh Legal Journal, December 19, 1906

Theodore was also a director in the Citizen’s Trust Company of Canonsburg, Washington County.

Edward H Straub & Wilhelmina Ober

Edward H. Straub
Wilhelmina (Ober) Straub
Olive Straub, married J. Hartie Muller