Boston Beer Company Timeline

Document Date: November 25, 2015 Revised December 2018
First published: June 14, 2019

Pennsylvania Department of State, Corporation Search


C. James (Jim) Koch (b. May 27, 1949, Cincinnati – present)
Boston Beer Company 1984 (age 35) – present.
Boston Consulting Group 1979 – 1984.
Returned to Harvard
Outward Bound 1973 – 1977.
Entered Harvard

Rhonda L. Kallman
Linkined, accessed November 29, 2015
Chief Executive Office, Boston Harbor Distillery, September 2011 – present.
Founder and CEO, New Century Brewing Co., April 2001 – July 2011.
Founding partner and Executive VP, Boston Beer Company, March 1985 – January 2000.
She left Boston Brewing in 2000.
Administrative Support at the Boston Consulting Group; 1980 – 1985 (1979 – 1984).

Key Dates

1981: Jim Koch attended a one-week course at the William S. Newman Brewery in Albany, NY.
Founded in 1981 by English brewer, Bill Newman. This was the first “microbrewery” in the East.

A number of websites indicated that he worked at the brewery but Newman offered the course to supplement his income.

1983: C. James Koch starts The Boston Beer Company with Rhonda L. Kallman.

1983 – 1984: Jim Koch brews beer at his home.
Everyone writes on this as if is Jim’s first time at brewing but not many people realize that he brewed in Albany prior to this.)

1984: This
website has Jim Koch, Harry Rubin, and Lorenzo Lamdrid as the founders in 1984. (The three met at Harvard)

1984: Koch-Mink beer introduced in Philadelphia.
I can’t explain the 1983 date other than it has been reported but the Massachusetts Department of State shows 1984. Many writers place Koch with Rubin and Lamdrid or with Kallman but the four are almost never mentioned as being the founding four, which they were.)

1985, March or April (correct): Koch and Kallman sell the first cases of Samuel Adams Boston Lager.
Boston Beer Co, Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh was created January 21, 1985

Apparently Koch sought out Pittsburgh Brewing to increase supply. This may have been driven, in part, with his loose relationship with Mink.

1986: The White House receives its first Samuel Adams delivery.

1988: Boston Beer starts brewing in its Jamaica Plain brewery in Boston.

1989: This is the year the Sam Adams Brewery opened above the Oyster House.
The grand opening was Wednesday, November 29, 1989.

1989: Boston Beer Company as a fictitious name, August 11, 1989, 30 Germania St, Boston, Pa as a domestic Pennsylvania corporation (now cancelled).

1990: The Company begins brewing at the Blitz-Weinhard Brewing Company, in Portland, Oregon.

1993: Koch's aggressive advertising campaign causes competitors to threaten litigation.

1995: Boston Beer goes public.

1996: American Airlines selects Samuel Adams Boston Lager as its in-flight beer for first- and business-class passengers on transcontinental flights.

1997: The Company buys the historic Cincinnati Hudepohl-Schoenling Brewery.
Koch’s father apprenticed there in the 1940’s/

1998: Boston Beer signs a distribution agreement for Japan.

2000: The Company launches BoDean's Twisted Tea, a malt- and tea-based beverage.

2001: President Martin Roper is named CEO, succeeding Koch, who remains chairman.

2002: The Company launches Samuel Adams Light, a new lower-calories and lower-alcohol beverage


Koch – Mink Partnership

David Mink owned the
Sansom Street Oyster House (above Fifteenth Street)
Created February, 19, 1976 per Pa Dept of State
He partnered with Jim Koch. Wagner told me* that Koch always maintained that there was no partnership. Koch started contract brewing in 1981 (in Philadelphia). Koch had only a recipe and Mink operated the brewpub.

*Otto’s Distillery, State College, Pa. Saturday November 7, 2015 at the ECBA & Olde Frothingslosh Fall Fest show.

Koch was with Boston Consulting at this time. He was present in a building owned by Mink. I can’t say the 1981 date is incorrect but there is little third-party support for this date. Rhonda Kallman is not often mentioned but we do know she had a significant presence in the company.

Rich Wagner has 1984 when Sam Adams was introduced by the Philadelphia Brewing Company. The beer was made under contract by the Philadelphia Brewing Co., Jim Pericles, brewer. This was not at the time when Koch was in partnership with Mink as that would occur in 1989. Koch was with Boston Consulting until December 1984.

Mink partnered with Koch in a 50/50 business. The brewpub was on the second floor of the restaurant. The brewpub closed in 1999. Nodding Head Brewing took over.
At this time the brewery and restaurant were two individual entities, as the brewery could have no direct ties with the restaurant.

Rich Wagner has Mink opening the Sam Adams Brew House on 1987.
However Mink says it was 1989. William Reed was the original brewer.

1989 Recognized Opening Year Sam Adams Brew House
See: The Gainseville Sun, December 1, 1989
The article has Koch having founded the Boston Brewing Company and already brewing.
Jim Pericles was noted as the brewer. The brewery opened the Wednesday before December 3, 1989 per the Paris, Texas News. But has the week of December 10, 1989.
Richard Wagner has November 29, 1989 as the grand opening.

David Mink says (in the brewery opened in 1989 (closed 1999).
The brewery closed in 1999 and Mink sold the Oyster House in 2000.

The brewery closes. (Date may have been incorrect by other parties)

Boston Beer Company

Bloomberg reports that he brewed in his kitchen in Newton, Massachusetts.
It was in December that he left Boston Consulting.

The Boston Brewing Company was incorporated in Mass on July 13, 1984.
(Massachusetts Department of State)

Boston Beer Co, Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh was created January 21, 1985
(Pennsylvania Department of State)

Joseph Owades, director of the San Francisco Center of Brewing Studies (
who developed Pennsylvania Pilsner) consulted for Sam Adams (unknown date). Owades was said to have optimized the beer that Koch developed in his home.

Boston Lager was introduced in March 1985.

(This year is correct): Production (of Pennsylvania Pilsner) begins at Pittsburgh Brewing prior to the Allegheny Brewery opening. Historical note: Samuel Adams Boston Lager was first brewed at Pittsburgh Brewing in 1885. (See 1985 above) This may be incorrect when factoring in Philadelphia Brewing.

Jim Koch did not have a brewery at the founding of the company so he had to contract out. At the time Pittsburgh Brewing was one of the largest breweries in the country. I have read where Mark Davis of PBC worked on the recipe. I know Mark but cannot get in touch with him to confirm this.

Pittsburgh Brewing produced 45% of Boston’s beer in 1995 and 22% in 1996.
Boston’s agreement with Pittsburgh Brewing expires in February 1986.

Brewery opens in Boston

The Sam Adams brewpub in Philadelphia opened on November 29, 1989 to become Pennsylvania second brewpub. It has since closed.

Koch buys the Hudepohl-Schoenling Brewery in Cincinnati.


Boston Beer Corporation
Charleston, WV
Industry: Manufacturing, Beverage And Tobacco Product Manufacturing, Beverage Manufacturing. Registration: Jan 12, 2001

One Design Center Place, Boston, MA 02210 (Mailing)
5400 D. Big Tyler Road, Charleston, WV 25313 (Physical)

Members (5):
C. James Koch (Director), One Design Center Place, Boston, MA 02210
C. James Koch - CEO (Incorporator), 75 Arlington Street, Boston, MA 02116
Martin F. Roper (President), One Design Center Place, Boston, MA 02210
Kathleen H. Wade (Secretary), One Design Center Place, Boston, MA 02210
William F. Urich (Treasurer), One Design Center Place, Boston, MA 02210


Bivens, Terry, Inquirer Staff writer, June 30, 1986, Philly(dot)Com:
Tom Pastorius introduced Pennsylvania Pilsner to Philadelphia the week before this date.
He is credited in introducing the first beer made in a “micro-brewery”.
Jeffery Ware is expected to introduce his beer after Labor Day.

Joseph Owades, director of the San Francisco Center of Brewing Studies developed Pennsylvania Pilsner. Owades also was consulted for Sam Adams.
Brewer, Mort Brynner formulated Ware’s beer.

Dock Street: first commercial brewery in Philadelphia opened in 1985.
Ware’s brewery is expected to open by August.
Pastorius does not have a brewery but was looking to open in Philadelphia in either Old Town or Northern Liberties. Northern Liberties was the name of the Strip District when it was a borough of Pittsburgh.

Bivens, Terry, Inquirer Staff writer, June 11, 1989, Philly(dot)Com:
This sets a firm timeline to openings:

Curtin, Jack, Liquid Diet, March 3, 2009

Great American Beer Festival: 1987 List of Winners.

Wagner, Rich, Philadelphia Beer:
David Mink owned the Sansom Street Oyster House (above Fifteenth Street)
Created February, 19, 1976 per Pa Dept of State
1516 Samson St, 2
nd floor, Barley Boys, Inc.