Dock Street Brewing Company Timeline

Document Date: November 25, 2015
First published: June 14, 2019

Pennsylvania Department of State, Corporation Search

Dock Street Brewing Company: 2519 Parrish Street
February 12, 1985, No owner listed

Dock Street Brewing Company: 100 N 17
th Street, 8th Floor,
January 21, 1986, Jeffery D. Ware

Dock Street Brewpub (inactive/withdrawn): 225 City Avenue, Suite 100 Bala Cynwyd
May 11, 1989, Jeffery D. Ware

Dock Street Brewing Company & Restaurant: 18
th & Cherry Streets, Two Logan Square
January 11, 1993, No owner listed

Logan Square opened in 1990 probably under Dock Street Brewpub and changed in 1993.

The Old Dock Street Brewery, LLC: 1734 Sylvan Lane, Gladwine
July 7, 2000, No owner listed
Third-party site shows this to be a management services company under Rosemarie Certo.
This (residential) address also has Pizza Rustica, LLC

The Old Dock Street Brewery: 700 North Pennsylvania Avenue, Wilks-Barre
December 10, 2003, No owner listed



Jeffery D. Ware, and Rosemarie Certo founders of Dock Street Brewing Company
Jeffery and Rosemarie were husband & wife

Rosemarie Certo (Information from Linkedin)
1985, September: Co-founded Dock Street Brewing Company
1990: Brewery and restaurant at 2 Logan Square, Philadelphia (
Conflict with 1993, above)
2002: Sole proprietor of Old Dock Street Brewing Co.
(AKA Dock Street Brewing Co.) (
Conflict with 2000, above)

Dock Street Amber was contracted to F X Matt (previously spelled Max) in 1984.
F. X. Matt Brewing Co., 811 Edward St, Utica, NY 13502

1984 is correct:

February 12, 1985 Creation of Dock Street Brewing Co, Parrish Street
Boston Beer Co, Liberty Avenue was created January 21, 1985
Dock Street was founded in 1985; Philadelphia’s first all-grain brewpub.

January 21, 1986 Creation of Dock Street Brewing Co, 17th Street
The date for this address was from the Pennsylvania Department of State)
Dock Street beer was introduced in Philadelphia.
March 3, 1986 Creation of Pennsylvania Brewing Company

March 3, 1986 Creation of Pennsylvania Brewing Company

Third place: GABF in the Consumer Preference Poll for Dock Street Amber Ale.

Stoudts Brewery, Adamstown; Pa’s first microbrewery (their claim)

Dock Street Brew Pub, April 11, 1989 in Bala Cynwyd, Montgomery County.
The date for this address was from the Pennsylvania Department of State)
Penn was September 12, 1989
The Bala Cynwyd site was sold in 1998 to Poor Henry’s Brewery & Restaurant.
Dock Street Brew Pub, dissolved on September 21, 2001.

Beer Advocate has Dock Street opening.
Center City Restaurant & Pub started in 1990 by Ware & Certo.
Dock Street Brewery & Restaurant opened in 1990 in the Logan Square neighborhood of Center City.
Mort Brenner was the first brewmaster, followed by Nick Fennell (then to Sweetwater) and finally Eric Savage. Ware was in talks with Matthew Reich of New Amsterdam about contract brewing.

Boston Beer pub was operating.
Koch & Ware were to open pubs (individually) in 1989.

Jeff Ware sold his interest in 1998

Snyder, Susan, Inquirer Staff writer, July 27, 2006, Philly(dot)Com:
Dock Street would become the fifth brewpub in the city.
In operation are:
Independence Brew Pub near the Reading Terminal Market,
Nodding Head in Center City, Manayunk Brewing, and
Red Bell at the Wachovia Center (Red Bell's contract expires Aug. 1, and the
Wachovia complex is exploring other options, Wachovia officials said.)

Closed brewpubs: Sam Adams and Poor Henry's.

Triumph Brewing Co. plans to open a brewpub in Old City near the end of the year.
Triumph is renovating a building at 117-121 Chestnut St.

End of Snyder entry.


Bivens, Terry, Inquirer Staff writer, June 30, 1986, Philly(dot)Com.
Tom Pastorius introduced Pennsylvania Pilsner to Philadelphia the week before this date.
He is credited in introducing the first beer made in a “micro-brewery”.
Jeffery Ware is expected to introduce his beer after Labor Day.

Joseph Owades, director of the San Francisco Center of Brewing Studies developed Pennsylvania Pilsner. Owades also was consulted for Sam Adams.
Brewer, Mort Brynner formulated Ware’s beer.

Dock Street: first commercial brewery in Philadelphia opened in 1985.
Ware’s brewery is expected to open by August.
Pastorius does not have a brewery but was looking to open in Philadelphia in either Old Town or Northern Liberties. North Liberties was the name of the Strip District when it was a borough of Pittsburgh.

Bivens, Terry, Inquirer Staff writer, June 11, 1989, Philly(dot)Com:
This sets a firm timeline to openings.

Curtin, Jack, Liquid Diet, March 3, 2009:

Great American Beer Festival: 1987 List of Winners.

Wagner, Rich, Philadelphia Beer:
David Mink owned the Sansom Street Oyster House (above Fifteenth Street)
Created February, 19, 1976 per Pa Dept of State
He partnered with Jim Koch. Wagner told me that Koch always maintained that there was no partnership. Koch started contract brewing in 1981 (in Philadelphia). Koch had only a recipe and Mink operated the brewpub.

Pennsylvania in 1989 allowed brewpubs to sell food and beer but only the ones they made.
Wagner says this took place on November 29, 1989 (Sam Adam’s birthday).
The Sansom proclaimed to be the first brewery since prohibition.
The actual brewer was Jim Pericles, who went to work for Koch in Boston.
William Reed replaced Pericles at Sansom.