The History of the Pittsburgh Brewing Company
Pittsburgh (Allegheny County) Pennsylvania

This Document First Published: March 31, 2017

About this Work
The founding of the Pittsburgh Brewing Company is well documented. But it is all the same and somewhat wrong. Some of what is not wrong is just a small part of the company’s history. But I have found interesting information that has never been told or lost through time. This work will track the history from the 1840’s and bring forth several surprises.

The Pittsburgh Brewing Company was indeed created in 1899 but incorporated in 1891. How it was created is not known by very many people, if any at all. Who formed the company and why may surprise everyone. Also surprising is Pittsburgh’s connection with the Independent Brewing Company. This paper brings fragments of old history together to show the REAL history of the Pittsburgh Brewing Company.

This work will endeavor to correct some myths and correct some often repeated errors.

Who was the original brewer?
Not anyone today has ever heard of.

Was Frauenheim, a young German emigrant and did was he the founder?
Did he bring the original recipe?
The original recipe for Iron City beer arrived with a German immigrant, Edward Frauenheim. Charlie Deitch writing for
Pittsburgh City Paper, November 9, 2009, and may others before him. Good God, no. Frauenheim was a teacher and grocer. He had no knowledge of brewing but brought in investment money to the brewery.

Did Iron City first make the first lager beer?
This does not appear in this work because it is not true. John N. Straub brewed Pittsburgh’s first lager. He merged with Eberhardt & Ober in 1883 and they were merged into the Pittsburgh Brewing Company in 1899. This is the “link” that almost makes the claim correct.

Who actually formed the Pittsburgh Brewing Company? Well wait until you find out.

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