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The History of the Iron City Brewing Company
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Advance Builders -The Redevelopment
Allegheny Cemetery -The Founding
American Sugar Refining Company -The Merger: Formation of the Trust Companies
Anton Benitz -The Founding
Appleton Brewing -Tech Foods
Arsenal Cider House & Wine Cellar -The Redevelopment

Bauerlein -The Founding
BBC, London -The Founding
Bentz Brewery -The Founding: “The Old Bennett Brewery”
Benitz Brewery -The Founding
Beniz Brewery, The End of -The Founding: Iron City Brewing
Benitz Family -The Founding
Benitz Spelling, The -The Founding: The Man Who Started it All
Block House Brewing -Prohibition and After
Bloomfield Location -The Founding
Bond Brewing Holdings -Prohibition and After
Boundary Street -The Merger
Boston Beer Company -Prohibition and After
Brewery Fire -The Founding: The Iron City Brewery
Building Pittsburgh (Publication) -The Redevelopment

Carnegie Building -The Merger: Pittsburgh Brewing… 1899 List
Carnegie, Pa. -Tech Foods
Carson Street (in the Northern Liberties) -The Founding
Civil War, -The Founding
Collier Development -The Redevelopment
Core Development -The Redevelopment
Curtis Frits -The Founding

Davis -The Founding
Dinwiddle Street
DuBois brewery -Prohibition and After
Duquesne Borough -The Founding
Duquesne Brewing Company -The Merger: Independent Brewing Co.

Endingen, Baden, Germany -The Founding
Etna, Borough of -The Founding

Fifth Ward Breweries -The Founding
flow meter -The Redevelopment
Frauenheim, Miller & Co. -The Founding

Greensburgh (this is a correct spelling) -The Founding
grocery store (of Frauenheim) -The Founding

Heilmand Brewing -Prohibition and After
Henry W. Oliver Building -The Merger: Pittsburgh Brewing… 1899 List
Historic Review Commission -The Redevelopment
Historic Designation -The Redevelopment
Hoeveler & Miller
Hogl, John -The Founding, “The Old Bennett Brewery”
Hogl, death of Frank -The Founding

Ice House Demolition -The Redevelopment
Independent Brewing Company -The Merger: Independent Brewing Co.
Indovina Associates Architects - The Redevelopment
Internal Revenue Tax Stamp -Prohibition and After
Iron City Beer Hall -The Founding: Benitz by Location
Iron City Brewery -The Founding
Iron City Brewing Company
Iron City Brewing Company - Lebanon, Pa. -The Founding

Mrs. Anton Benitz
Birth -The Founding Anton Benitz
Death -The Founding, The Benitz Family

Keystone Brewers -The Redevelopment

Lawrenceville Corp -The Redevelopment
Latrobe -Prohibition and After
Lot & Block Parcels -The Redevelopment

Northern Liberties

Ober House -The Redevelopment
Office Building Restoration -The Redevelopment
Official Gazette of the United States Patent Office -Tech Foods
“Old Bennett Brewery -The Founding: The Benitz Brewing
“Old Fifth Ward” -The Founding

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Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board -Prohibition and After
Pittsburgh Brewing Company -The Founding
Pittsburgh Food & Beverage
Pittsburgh Fire 1845
Pittsburgh Stock Exchange
Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority -The Redevelopment
Poly-Tech -Tech Foods
Presto, Collier Twp. -The Redevelopment

Queen City Brewing -Prohibition and After

Reingold Ice Cream -Tech Foods
Roaring Twenties -Prohibition and After

Sam Adams Beer -Prohibition and After
San Francisco -The Founding
St. Mary’s Cemetery -The Founding
Shakespeare Street -The Founding
Shaler Township - The Founding
Sherman Anti-Trust Act -The Merger: Formation of the Trust Companies
Slesar Brewing Co. -Prohibition and After
Smokestack Renovation -The Redevelopment
Straub Brewery -Tech Foods
Suppression of the Rebellion -The Founding

Tann, William -The Founding
Tech Beer -The Founding
Tech Beer -Tech Foods
Tech Cigars -Tech Foods
Tech Food Products -Tech Foods
Tech Ice Cream -Tech Foods
Tunnel Demolition -The Redevelopment
Two Mile Run -The Founding

Unauthorized Building Demolition -The Redevelopment
Uni-World -Prohibition and After
United Brewing Company -The Founding
United Brewing Company -The Merger
United Growth Partners -Prohibition and After

The author of this work.
Vilsack and the BBC -The Founding: The Iron City Brewery
Vilsack’s Start in Brewing -The Founding: The Iron City Brewery
Vinegar -The Founding

Westinghouse Corporation -Tech Foods
Wildlife Brewing partnership -Prohibition and After