Pittsburgh Brewery Index

December 29, 2017

This is an index to the breweries listed in this site.
Breweries are listed by brewery name, by owner (last name) or company name if no brewery name is known.
Brewpubs are also listed separately at the bottom of this page.
Entries in the Lost Souls page are not listed in this index.

Index of Pittsburgh & Alleghany County Breweries
(Brewery) (Neighborhood Page)
(Brewery) (Allegheny Co.): for breweries in Allegheny Co.

5th Ward Larger Beer Brewery (Strip District) See Fifth Ward Brewery
8th Ward Brewery (North Side) (North Side)
14th Ward Brewery (Oakland)

Alleghany Valley Brewery (Lawrenceville)
Allegheny Brewery (Lutz) (North Side)
Allegheny Brewery (North Side-West of Federal St)
Allegheny Brewery & Pub (North Side)
Allegheny City Brewing (North Side)
Allegheny County Brewing Company (North Side)
Amber Brewery (North Side)
American Beverage Corp (Verona, Allegheny County)
American Brewing (Millvale, Allegheny Co.)
American Pure Beer Brewery (Bauerlein) (Millvale, Allegheny Co.)
Anchor Brewery (Brackenridge, Allegheny Co.)
Anchor Brewing (Tarentum, Allegheny Co.)
Aurochs Brewery (Emsworth, Allegheny Co.)
Aurochs Brewing (Strip District)

Baeuerlein (Star) Brewery (Millvale, Allegheny Co.)
Bavarian Brewery (Millvale, Allegheny Co.)
Bavarian Brewery (Winter Bros) (South Side)
Beck Brewery (Strip District)
Benitz Brewery (Downtown)
Benitz Brewery (Strip District)
Bennett Brewery (Strip District)
Bennett Star Brewery (Millvale, Allegheny Co.)
Bohemian Brewery (North Side)
Brew Gentlemen Beer Co. (Braddock, Allegheny Co.)
British Army Brewery (Downtown)
Brownstone Brewery (Hauch) (South Side)

Carson & Darlington Brewery (Downtown)
Chartiers Valley Brewing (Carnegie, Allegheny Co.)
Cobblehaus Brewing (Coraopolis, Allegheny Co.)
Collins Avenue Brewery (East Liberty)
Concord Brewery (Lang) (North Side)
Copper Kettle (Greenfield)

Darlington, H (Brewery & Malster) (Downtown)
Dancing Gnome Beer (Sharpsburg, Allegheny Co.)
Deppel Brewey (Downtown)
Depple Brewery (North Side-West of Federal St)
Derby Brewing Company (Pronounced Dar-be) (Hazelwood)
DeWald, Wuesthoff & Company (Downtown)
Diamond Brewing Company (South Side)
Diders (South Side)
Draai Laag Brewery (Allison Park, Allegheny Co.)
Draai Laag Brewery (Millvale, Allegheny Co.)
Duquesne Brewery (Duquesne, Allegheny Co.)
Duquesne Brewery (North Side)
Duquesne Brewery (South Side)
Dutch Brewery (Uptown)

Eagle Brewery (Ebrhardt & Ober) (North Side)
Eagle Brewing (Duquesne, Allegheny Co.)
separate Eagle Brewery listing
East End Brewing Company (Homewood)
East End Brewing Company (Larimer)
Eaton, Conrad (North Side)
Eberhardt & Ober Brewery (North Side)
listed under Eagle Brewery (E&O)
Eberhardt Brewery, Conrad (North Side)
Enterprise Brewery (P Gerst) (North Side)
Enz Brewery (Millvale, Allegheny Co.)
Ernst Brewing (McKeesport, Allegheny Co.)

Faller, Augustus (Downtown)
Felson Brewery (Oakland)
Fifth Ward Larger Beer Berwery (Strip District)
First National Brewing (McKees Rocks, Allegheny Co.)
Fisher, Harrison M (North Side)
Fleming Brothers, Maltsers & Brewers (Downtown)
Fort Pitt Brewing (Sharpsburg, Allegheny Co.)
Franklin Brewery (Downtown)
French Brewery (North Side)
Fridel Brewery (South Side)
Full Pint Brewing (This is in Westmoreland County)

Gangwisch & Company Brewery (North Side-West of Federal St)
Gangwisch Brewery (Strip District)
General Braddock Brewing (Braddock, Allegheny Co.)
Gorman & Company Brewery (Kensington) (Downtown)
Grist House Brewery (Brewpub) (Millvale, Allegheny Co.)
Gustav Shult Brewery (Braddock, Allegheny Co.)

Hauch Brewery (South Side)
See Brownstone, as well
Hauffmans Brewery (North Side)
Hawley & Company Brewery (Downtown)
Hazelwood Brewing Company (Hazelwood)
Hechelmann & Co. Brewery (North Side)
Herdt Brewery (North Side)
Highland Brewing Company (East Liberty) & (Homewood)
Hilltop Brewing (South Side)
Hitchhiker (Mt. Lebanon, Allegheny Co.)
Hochschwinder & Heine (North Side)
Hoeffling Brewery (Downtown)
Hoehl Brewing Co (Millvale, Allegheny Co.)
Hofbrauhaus Brewery & Restaurant (South Side)
Hoffman (Huffman) Brewery (South Side)*
may be one in the same
Hoffman Brewery (North Side)
Hogl & Rohry Brewery (South Side)
Hogl (Hogel) Brewery (South Side)
Holstein Brewery (South Side)
Home Brewery (Braddock, Allegheny Co.)
Homestead Brewery (Homestead, Allegheny Co.)
Hop Farm Brewing (Lawrenceville)
Hop Yard Brewing (Lawrenceville)
Huffman (Hoffman) (South Side)*
may be one in the same

Insurrection Brewing Co (Carnegie, Allegheny Co.)
Iron City Brewery (Lawrenceville)
Iron City Brewery (Strip District)
Iron City Brewing Co (Lawrenceville)

John Harvard's (Wilkins, Allegheny Co.)

Kaiser Brewery & Distillery (Downtown)
Kensington Brewery (Kensington) (Downtown)
Kennedy sarsaparilla and beer factory (Downtown)
Keystone Brewery (Hill District)
Keystone Brewing (South Side)
Klinzing Brewery (South Side)
Krauss Brewery (North Side-West of Federal St)

Lafayette Brewery (North Side)
Lauer Brewery (South Side)
Two locations (Leuer is a misspelling))
Lawrenceville Brewery (Lawrenceville)
Lemp Brewing Company (Downtown)
Lewis Brewery (Downtown)
Liberty Brewing (Larimer)
Lincoln Avenue Brewery (Bellevue, Allegheny County)
Lion Brewery (D Lutz & Son) (North Side)
Lloyd & Company (Kensington) (Downtown)
Lutz & Walz Brewery (Downtown)
Lutz & Walz Brewery (North Side)

Madison Street Breweries (North Side)
Manchester Ale Brewery (North Side-West of Federal St)
Manor Street Brewery (South Side)
McKeesport Brewing (McKeesport, Allegheny Co.)
Metzer Brewery (West End)
Metzger Brewery (Etna, Allegheny Co.) See Milvalle page
Meussner Brewing (South Side)
Meyers Brewery (Strip District)
Mindful Brewing (Castle Shannon, Allegheny Co.)
Milkman Brewing (Strip District)
Miller & Lang Brewery (North Side-West of Federal St)
Miller Brewery (South Side)
Mittler Brewery (South Side)
Monongahela Brewery (Baird) (Kensington) (Downtown)
Monongahela Brewery (Downtown)
Monongahela Valley Brewing Co. (Carnegie, Allegheny Co.)
Mueller Brewery John M (North Side)
Muelling, John (North Side)
Muth & Company Brewer (Soho)

National Brewery (Heid) (North Side)
National Brewing (Nusser) (South Side)
Ninth Ward Brewery (Strip District)
North Side Brewery (Hippely & Hopf) (North Side)
North Side Brewery (North Side)
Nusser Brewery (South Side)

Oakland Brewery (Oakland)
Ober Brewery (North Side)
listed under Amber Brewery
Oregon Brewery (Uptown)
Ormsby (Reichenbach) Brewery (South Side)

Penn Brewery (North Side)
Peoples Brewing (McKeesport, Allegheny Co.)
Phoenix Brewery (Strip District)
Peter Walter & Company (South Side)
Pig Hill Brewery (Garfield)
Pig Hill Brewery (North Side)
Pittsburgh Brewers is an Ed Vidunas publication
Pittsburgh Brewery (Brown & Verner) (Downtown)
Pittsburgh Brewery (Carson) (Downtown)
Pittsburgh Brewery (Rhodes & Verner) (Downtown)
Pittsburgh Brewery No. 4 (Kensington) (Downtown)
Point Brewery Shiras (Downtown)
Point Brewery Smith (Downtown)
Prospect Ale Brewery (North Side)
PW & Brewery (Braddock, Allegheny Co.)

Rauch & Rudman Brewery (South Side)
Reed Brewery (McKeesport, Allegheny Co.)
Rivertowne (Monroeville, Allegheny Co.)
Riverview Brewery (G Schuitz) (Braddock)
Roads Brewery (McKeesport, Allegheny Co.)
Robber Baron Brewing (Ross Township, Allegheny Co.)
Rogan Brewing Company (Duquesne City, Allegheny Co.)
Roundabout Brewery (Lawrenceville)

Schafer Brewery (Braddock, Allegheny Co.)
Schenck, G F (Downtown)
Schiltz Brewing Co., Joseph (South Side)
Schiltz Brewing Co., Joseph (Strip District)
Schmeltz (South Side)
Schmelz Brewery (West End)
Seewald Brewery (Braddock, Allegheny Co.)
Seiferth Brothers Brewery (South Side)
Shaffner Brewery (North Side)
Sheridan Brewery (Schaffner) (South Side)
Shiras Brewery, Perter (Downtown)
Siedle Brewery (North Side)
South Side Brewery (Edel & Seiferth) (South Side)
Spoonwood Brewing (Bethel Park)
Spring Brewery (Bloomfield)
Spring Brewery (North Side)
Spring Hill Brewery (North Side)
St. Julien Brewing Company (Lawrenceville)
Stoltz & Co (North Side)
Star Brewery (Bauerlein) (Millvale, Allegheny County)
Straub Brewery (Downtown)
Straub Brewery (North Side)
Strim Brewery (Lawrenceville)
Strip Brewery (Strip District)
Sweet Water Brewing (Strip District) (
Foundry Ale Works)

Three Mugs Brew Pub (East Liberty)
Three Rivers Restaurant & Brewing (Strip District)
Tracy & Wilkinson (Downtown)
Tschudy Brewery (North Side-West of Federal St)
Tube City Brewing (McKeesport, Allegheny Co.)

Union Brewery (Bloomfield)
Union Brewery (Downtown)
Union Brewery (Schaefer) (South Side)
United States Brewing Company (North Side)

Valhalla Restaurant & Brewery (Strip District)
Vicroy Street Brewery

Wacker & Steuernagle Brewery (North Side)
Wainwright Brewery (J) (Lawrenceville)
Walnut Brewery (Homestead, Allegheny Co.)
War Streets Brewing (North Side)
Weisert & Giesy Brewery (North Side) AKA Wessel & Geisy
West End Brewery (West End)
Wilheim's Brewery (South Side)
Willow Grove Brewery (Millvale, Allegheny Co.)
Winter Brothers Brewery (South Side)
Winterton Brewery (Lawrenceville)
Wood Brewery (Kensington) (Downtown)
Wood Brewing Company (Bloomfield)
Wood Brothers (North Side)
Wood Steam Brewery (Phoenix) (Strip District)

Yearman Brewery (Downtown)

Brewpubs in Pittsburgh and/or Allegheny County
(These appear in the above List of Breweries)
These breweries were licensed from 1986 on.

Brewpubs are a combination brewery and restaurant. In-as-much as they appear to be one entity they are in fact two separate entities: a restaurant company and a brewing company. On January 13, 2015, the list below was compared against the Pa LCB list.

Breweries Licensed to Operate as a Brewery-Restaurant
9 as of June 17, 2015

Brew Gentlemen (Braddock, Allegheny Co.)
Draai Laag Brewing (Millvale, Allegheny Co.)
East End Brewing Company (Larimer, Pittsburgh)
Grist House Brewing (Millvale, Allegheny Co.)
Hitchhiker Brewing (Mt. Lebanon, Allegheny Co.)
Hop Yard Brewing dba Hop Farm (Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh)
Insurrection Brewing (Carnegie, Allegheny Co.)
Roundabout Brewing (Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh)
Three Mugs Brew Pub (East Liberty, Pittsburgh)

Breweries Not Licensed to Operate as a Brewery-Restaurant

American Beverage Corp (Verona, Allegheny County)
Aurochs Brewing Co. (Emsworth, Allegheny Co.)
Copper Kettle Brewing Co. (Greenfield, Pittsburgh)
Costar Brewing Co. (East Liberty, Pittsburgh)
Hofbrauhaus (South Side, Pittsburgh)
Insurrection Brewing Co. (Carnegie, Allegheny Co.)
Iron City Brewing Company (Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh)
Lawrenceville Brewery (
Church Brew Works) (Lawrenceville)
Milkman Brewing Co. (Strip District, Pittsburgh)
Pennsylvania Brewing Co. (
Allegheny Brewery & Pub) (North Side)
Pennsylvania Brewing Co. (
Penn Brewery) (North Side)
Pig Hill Brewing LLC (Garfield, Pittsburgh)
Rivertowne (Monroeville, Allegheny Co.)
Spoonwood Brewery (Bethel Park)
Walnut Brewery (
Rock Bottom Brewery) (Homestead, Allegheny Co.)

Breweries that Operated as a Brewery-Restaurant Prior to 2012

John Harvard’s Ale House (Wilkins Township, Allegheny Co.)
Strip Brewery (Strip District)
Sweetwater Brewing Co. (
Foundry Ale Works) (Strip District)
Three Rivers Brewery (Strip District)
Valhalla (Strip District)

The breweries listed prior to 2012 may have had a brewery and brewery-pub license but they are no longer in the Pa LCB database. Some of the breweries that do not have a brewery-pub license may have had one at one time, but are now only licensed to operate as a brewery. The restaurant, if there is one, is licensed separately.

Allegheny Brewery & Pub and Penn Brewery are one-in-the-same as they were under the same ownership with only the name of the restaurant division being changed. I have to assume that Allegheny Brewery & Pub was a brewery-pub as that is how Tom Pastorius promoted it as well as seeking legislative change to operate as such.

Other Breweries
(These do not appear in the above List of Breweries)

These breweries are mentioned in this work but not a part of this work or the regional count.

American Brewing Co. of Rochester (Allegheny – Braddock)
Anton Brewing (East Liberty – Anton Wolf)
Clarksburg Brewing (Downtown – Union Brewing)
Christian Moerlien Brewery (South Side – Christian Moerlien Warehouse)
Cincinnati Amber Brewing Co (North Side – Amber Brewery)
Crescent Brewing Co. (Allegheny Co. – Duquesne)
DuBois Brewing (Special Section – Pittsburgh Brewing)
Economy Brewery, Ambridge (North Side – United States Brewing)
Empire Brewery, John Emmerling (South Side – Hauch Brewery)
Fayette Brewing Company (Special Section – Pittsburgh Brewing)
Heileman Brewing Co. (Special Section – Pittsburgh Brewing)
Iron City Brewing Co. of Lebanon, Pa. (Special Section – Pittsburgh Brewing)
Julius Winkelmeyer Brewery (Straub Comparative Notes)
Loyalhanna Brewery (Allegheny Co. – Millvale) American Brewery
Meadville Brewing Co. (South Side – Hauck)
Moose Brewing Co. (South Side – Weilersbacher Bottling Works)
Mt. Vernon Brewing Co., Baltimore (North Side – United States Brewing)
Mutual Union Brewing Co. (Allegheny Co. – Duquesne) Crescent Brewing
Nail City Brewery (Strip District – Foundry Ale Works)
Old Economy Brewing Co (Soho – Muth Brewery)
Orange Brewery (South Side – Bavarian Brewery)
Queen City Brewing Co. (Pittsburgh Brewing)
River City Ale Works (Strip District – Foundry Ale Works)
St. Peter’s Brewery (Strip District – Three Rivers Brewery)
Union Brewing Co. (South Side – Edel & Seiferth Brewing Co.)
Union Brewery, Irwin (Allegheny Co. – Duquesne) Crescent Brewing
Union Brewery, Tarr, Pa (Allegheny Co. – Duquesne) Crescent Brewing
Virginia Brewery (History of the Point Brewer)
Yough Brewing (North Side – United States Brewing)
Wainwright Brewery, St. Louis, Mo (Wainwright Comparative Notes)