Reference to the Contents within the South Side Pages
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15203
A Series of South Side History
By Ed Vidunas and
June 20, 2020

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Reference & Notes
(My apologies to Kate Turabian)

The reference material listed below contain a wealth of information and history of the Ormsby family and the many families what intermarried.

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John Ormsby left Virginia for Pittsburgh with Forbes. He was 38. Arrived in 1758.

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Reference for Sidneyville.

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A focus on Ann and captain Carson.

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Information on Mary Carson, who married James O’Hara, who was friends with Nathaniel Bedford. Ann Barker Carson’s writing is very difficult to follow and seems fragmented.

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Reference for Sidneyville.

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McAllister, on page 36, identifies five children of John and Jane: John Jr, Oliver, Jane, Sidney and John Blakeney.

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Bottle collectors, South Side historians, et. al. will find this paper very interesting.

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Describes the death of Joseph Blakeney Ormsby.

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Mt. Oliver founder John Ormsby had an interesting past” August 1, 2017.

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Westmoreland County
This is a great work in not only the founding of the County but all of western Pennsylvania.