Craft Breweries of Pittsburgh & Allegheny County

October 25, 2021

This section of documents the craft breweries operating here since the 1980’s. Previously to the inclusion of this section to my site the craft breweries were placed in the historical Pittsburgh and Allegheny County folders. This section has all then breweries in one easy to find group. Each page has all the information on a brewery.

Breweries l
isted in the Craft Breweries section have been given a license by the Pa. LCB.
These breweries are or have been open but could have been closed, moved or renamed.

Brewing companies may have moved a brewery to a new municipality. The roster shows the breweries with respect to town or Pittsburgh neighborhood. But all information on a brewery in any location is listed under the brewery name in the sidebar.

NOT listed in the Craft Breweries section have NOT been given a license by the Pa. LCB unless I have a reason to publish the brewery. Unlicensed breweries can be found in the. Brewery Report page on this work. Licensed breweries that are pending are placed there as well. The Report page has information that may be temporary or important.

Every brewery listed (shown in the sidebar) has its own page under a brewery name.

A brewery page has information on ownership or change in ownership, change in location or facilities in multiple locations.


If a brewing company has more than one brewery but in different locations a page will be made for each brewery.
Example: Cinderlands Warehouse and Cinderlands Foderhouse. Two different brewery names and in-as-much as there are two different ownership companies then actual owners are the same people.

Opening of Craft Breweries in Pittsburgh & Allegheny County by Year
Based on when the brewery FIRST opened to the Public

For more on these breweries see

Penn Brewery (Originated as Alleghweny Brewery & Pub)

Church Brew Works (Lawrenceville Brewery)
Three Rivers Brewery

Foundry Ale Works (Sweet Water Brewery)
John Harvrds Brewery
The Strip Brewery
Vallhala Brewery

Rock Bottom Brewery

East End Brewery

Rivertowne Brewery

Hofbrauhause Brewery

Draai Laag Brewery

Aurochs Brewery
Copper Kettle Brewery
Pig Hill Brewery (Red Star Kombucha)

Costar Brewery, Highland Park
Hop Farm Brewery - Lawrenceville
Roundabout Brewery

Grist House Brewery
Hitchhiker Brewery
Milkman Brewery
The Brew Gentlemen Brewery

Insurrection Brewery
Robber Baron Brewery
Spoonwood Brewery
Three Mugs Brew Pub (Never Opened)

Allegheny City Brewery
Arsenal Cider House & Wine Cellar Penn Hill (Not Open To Public)
Beirs War Streets Brewery
Dancing Gnome Brewery
Helicon Brewery

180 and Tapped Brewery
412 Brews
Abjuration Brewery
Cinderlands Foederhouse Brewery
Cobblehause Brewery
Couch Brewery
Eleventh Hour Brewery
Mindful Brewery
Pittsburgh Bottle Shop & Brewhouse
Southern Tier Brewery
The Leaning Cask Brewery

Enix Brewery (Started as Trios Brewery but had to chnge name)
Headley's Brewery
Rogan Brewery - Duquesne (Never Opened)
Spring Hill Brewery
Strange Roots Experimental Ales

A & M Beer Brewery (Never Opened)
Cinderlands Warehouse Brewery
Inner Groove Brewery
Lincoln Avenue Brewery
Sly Fox Brewery - South Side (In Construction)
Stonewall Cider House and Meadery

Acclaimation Brewery
Acrospire Brewery
BrewDog Outpost Brewery
Capri Pizza Brewery
Mastic Trail Brewery
Old Thunder Brewery
Rogan Brewery - West Homestead (Never Opened)
Trace Brewery
Truss Brewery

noted 2021 breweries have not yet opened.
Breweries never opened are dated by License Identification Number

Arboretum Trail Brewery
Back Alley Brewery
Brewery at Luciano's
Burgh'ers Brewey
Coughlin's Law Knitchen & Ale House Brewery
Dirty Gravel Brewery
Drowning Fish Brewery
Firewhistle Brewery
Homestead Beer Works
Iron City
Links Brewery
Lolev Brewery
Necromancer Brewery
The Smiling Moose
Tube City Brewery
Two-Frays Brewery


Breweries Under Construction
Bonifide Brewery
CoStar Brewing, Etna
Hazelwood Brewery
Mindfull. Brewing, Mt. Washington
Platform Brewery
District Brew Yards (No license granted and pulled out)

Additional Notes'

This list does not include Brewery Storage Sites
This list compiled by Edward Vidunas, Obtober 23, 2021

This list does not note the year in which a brewery moved to
another location from its original location or priveious location.
Planned = X Breweries
Please let me know if you disput these dates.

1989 = 1 Brewery
1996 = 2 Breweries
1997 = 4 Breweries
2002 = 1 Brewery
2004 = 1 Brewery
2007 = 1 Brewery
2009 = 1 Brewery
2011 = 1 Brewery
2012 = 3 Breweries
2013 = 3 Breweries
2014 = 4 Breweries
2015 = 4 Breweries
2016 = 5 Breweries
2017 = 11 Breweries
2018 = 6 Breweries
2019 = 6 Breweries
2020 = 9 Breweries
2021 = 16 Breweries
Total 78