Grist House Brewery
Owner: Mientkiewiczeaton LLC (Kyle L Mientkiewicz & Brian S Eaton)
10 Sherman Street 15209, Millvale
Phone: 814 528 2303 Web:
Corporate name is Mientkiewiczeaton LLC
Brian S. Eaton & Kyle L. Mientkiewicz
Opening day to the public was May 24, 2014. The brewery made its first delivery to the Independent Brewing Co in Shady Side and Pipers Pub on the South Side on May 24, 2014.

Grist House Brewery Messerschmidt Road, just off Nike Site Road, Lobaugh Street It was announced on Friday, August 18, 2017 in the Post-Gazette that Grist House from Millvale was in planning to open in Collier. On Wednesday, January 2, 2018 the company announced that they had acquired the missile command center at the Nike Missile Site. The building is 55,000 sq. ft. Production will move from Millvale but the tap house in Millvale will remain.