Hofbräuhaus Brewery

April 8, 2021

Hofbräuhaus Brewery
South Water St. 15203 within the South Side Works
Pittsburgh, (South Side) Pa. 15203

Owner: Hofbräuhaus Pittsburgh
2705 South Water St at South 27th Street (South Side Works)
Opened March 2009
Eckhart Kurbjuhn was the start-up brewer with Ed Slouffman who was brought in from Cincinnati. The brewery is under the control of the Hofbraühaus in Munich, Germany. The American ownership group also controls the Cincinnati brewery. As of July 2015, the brewers were Shawn Setzenfand, and assistants Kyle Klein, and Levi Rounsville.

Eckhart Kurbjuhn

Other Locations
The ownership of Hofbräuhaus Pittsburgh own, or have ownership in, Hofbräuhaus Columbus, Ohio and Hofbräuhaus Newport, Kentucky.

Pa. Department of State

Pa. LCB Information

Accessed on Saturday, February 27, 2021
Pittsburgh Brau LLC
2705 S Water St, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15203
Officers: Eric Haas, John Lang, Nicholas Ellison.
Manager: Vincent E. Quinzio