Lincoln Avenue Brewery

April 12, 2021

Lincoln Avenue Brewery 538 Lincoln Avenue at Hawley Avenue15202 Property Owners: Nova Residences, Amy & Joel Haldeman Grant & Lisa Saylor Grant Saylor is the brewer. The Pa. LCB website posted a pending brewing license on this date.  Bellevue was a dry town until a referendum was passed in 2015 permitting alcohol sales.
Grand opening July 27, 2019
Five-barrel system from Backward Flag Brewing in Forked River, N.J.

Pa. Department of State

Bellevue Brewers LLC: prior name in Pa. State database.
Lincoln Avenue Brewery LLC entry date September 28, 2017.
Officers: None given.
Address: Private home.

Pa. LCB Information

Accessed on Saturday, February 27, 2021
Lincoln Avenue Brewery
538 Lincoln Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15202
Lincoln Avenue Brewing LLC
Amy Haldeman, Joel Haldeman, Grant Saylor, Liza Saylor