Rock Bottom Brewery

December 5, 2021

Rock Bottom Brewery  171 East Bridge Street
Homestead, Pa. 15120 Opened: April 1, 2002
Sing Sing Dueling Piano Bar & Restaurant (SPB Hospitality) is not a part of this work other to identify it as it is tied to Rock Bottom. See
SPB Hospitality under Department of State.

Rock Bottom Brewery – Walnut Brewery
Walnut Brewery, Inc, d.b.a. Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery

Opened on April 1, 2002
Head Brewer was Matthew Carroll, who left in 2007.

Rock Bottom Brewery – Craft Works

2010 Merger and Reorganization
In 2010 Rock Bottom Restaurants and Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant Group were acquired by Centerbridge Capital Partners and merged to form CraftWorks Restaurants and Breweries, Inc. After the merger, RB Homestead continued on pretty much it had during its first ten years, albeit food and beer menu changes, which it typical for a restaurant.

2020 For Reference and Interest
The Boston Business Journal reported: The Boston-based Brew Moon Enterprises Inc. has filed for bankruptcy protection and last week sold four of its five restaurant-microbreweries to a larger, Louisville, Colo.-based operator of similar brew pubs.
This would have been Rock Bottom Restaurants, Inc., 248 Centennial Parkway, Louisville, Colorado 80027.

2020 March 3 Bankruptcy
CraftWorks filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization.

2020 March 18 Brewery Closed
It was publicly known that the brewery closed due to the COVID-19 but it is very possible that the bankruptcy was partially, if not totally responsible for the closing.

2020 March 31 (Tuesday) Employees Fired
April 1 has been noted by others as the date of the terminations but the 31st is correct as it was reported that Tuesday was the termination date.
Wall Street Journal reported that Eighteen-Thousand employees nation-wide were fired on Tuesday, March 31, 2020. The employee-benefit plans also were terminated on this date.

Rock Bottom Brewery – Rock Bottom Group

2020 July 22 New Owner The Pa. LCB on July 22, 2020 showed a new owner for the brewery to be Rock Bottom Group LLLC. The address of the new company, which incorporated in Delaware on May 28, 2020 is 124 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 19105. The group incorporated in Pennsylvania on September 16, 2020.

List of Rock Bottom brewers

(Not totally complete) The first brewer was Matthew Carroll until 2007 Dan Kulick Assistant Brewer was under Matthew Colin Peterman, from the Rock Bottom in Arlington, Va. replaced Matthew. Steve Panos, left in 2012 to Pelican Pub and Brewery, Oregon Steve Ilnicki Assistant Brewer (as of 2012) was under Brandon Brandon McCarthy Head Brewer (August 2012 – March 2017) per his Linkedin page Brandon came from Church Brew Works and started under Steve Ryan Miller cellarman (2012 – 2013) James Evans Meg Seastat (Became head brewer 2015) Robb McCleod, head brewer when the brewery closed in March 2020. Brandon of California upon reopening in 2020. Working under the head brewers: Mat Gibb left to join Hitchhiker Brewing in Sharpsburg. Lauren Hughes as of March 2018, came from Hitchhiker Brewing as well as being a cellarman (she wrote that) at Hop Farm Brewing.

Pa. Department of State
Entries in Alphabetical Order

Accessed: December 5, 2021

Craft Brewery Group, entry date June 5, 2020
Officers: None listed
Address: %CT Corporation System Dauphin County

Craft Works Restaurants & Breweries
Not listed in Pa. Secretary of State database.

M & J – Big Waterfront Town Center 1 entry date September 10, 2012
Officers: None listed
Address: %CT Corporation System Dauphin County
Note: There are other corporation using this name with minor changes in the name.
They have no officers listed and all with the same Dauphin County address.

Rock Bottom Group, LLC, entry date September 16, 2020 as a foreign entity
Officers: None listed
Address: %CT Corporation System Dauphin County

Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery
Not listed in Pa. Secretary of State database.

SPB Hospitality
Not listed in Pa. Secretary of State database.
From its Linkedin page:
SPB Hospitality is the leading operator and franchisor of full-service dining restaurants, spanning a national footprint of hundreds of restaurants and breweries. The Company’s diverse portfolio of restaurant brands includes Logan’s Roadhouse, Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom, and a collection of restaurant-brewery brands, including Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery and Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant. SPB Hospitality also operates a collection of specialty restaurant concepts including ChopHouse & Brewery, Big River Grille & Brewing Works, AIA Ale Works Restaurant & Taproom, Ragtime Tavern Seafood & Grill, and Seven Bridges Grille & Brewery.
Rock Bottom and Sing Sing have always been tied to one another much like a brother-sister are tied. SPB Hospitality may have been the entity that brough these two together here.

Walnut Brewery, entry data November 16, 2000 as a foreign entity
Officers: none listed
Address: %CT Corporation System Dauphin County

May be of Interest
The Walnut Brewery was doing business in Homestead, Pa. as Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery. After the Craft Works sale and bankruptcy, the brewery came into the arms of the Rock Bottom Group. The two corporations had some type of connection as they both had the same secretary according to the Pa. liquor control board. Yes in a search on December 5, 2021 it was found that Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery listed the Homestead location as active. It may be that Rock Bottom Group has ties to the R & B company. R & B shows 18 breweries in their portfolio.

Note: A company noted by the Pa. Secretary of State means it is not a Pennsylvania company.

Pa. LCB Information

Accessed: December 5, 2021
Rock Bottom Group, LLC
Owner: M & J – Big Waterfront Town Center 1, LLC
Manager: Margo H. Donahue
Craft Brewery Group, LLC (100% ownership)
Morgan J. McClure, President and LLC Manager
Jonathan Childs, Vice President & Treasurer
Courtney D. Mowery, Secretary

Walnut Brewery, Inc, d.b.a. Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery
Owner: Not listed
Manager: Margo H. Donahue
Craft Brewery Holdings, Inc (Sole shareholder, 2,1977 shares)
Hazem Ouf, President
James W. Streeitberger, Vice President
Courtney D. Mowery, Secretary
Treasurer not listed