Back Alley Brewery

April 30, 2021

Back Alley Brewery
2975 W Liberty Ave.
Dormomnt, Pa. 15216
Owner: Back Alley Brewing Co.

Received a pending brewing license on April 30, 20212.

Truly a local brewery as the staff either lives in Dormont or adjacent communities.
Key Personnel
Cody Hoellerman: Owner, Marketing and Sales
Patty McKinley: Owner, Administration
Patrick McKinley: Owner, Finance
Lee Sifford: Owner, Brewhouse Operations
Jacob Maxwell (not shown of website) Owner,
Taproom Operations
Positions shown are from the company’s offering statement.

Pa. Department of State

Accessed April 30, 2021
Back Alley Brewing Co.
Officers: None given.
Address: Private home.

Pa. LCB Information

Back Alley Brewing Co. entry date: March 8, 2020.
Officers: None given.
Address: Private home.

Dormont Borough Municipal Building
2975 W Liberty Ave. at Wisconsin St.
The alley in the back is Lima Alley

Allegheny County Lot & Block

Owner: Keith & Lynn Buono
Address: Private home.
Sale Date: May 20, 2008