American Beverage Corp 

April 13, 2021

American Beverage Corp. 1 Daily Way, Verona, Pa 15147 This is an industrial bottling company but it does have a license (G-566) to manufacture malt beverages. They produce Daily’s Cocktail Mixes, which contain alcohol. Their website says the premixed cocktails have alcohol as wine is mixed with the drink. This would require a winery license so I do not know if the wine fact is correct. It may be if the alcohol content is low enough. Having a low ABV would permit the drinks to be sold in a beer distributor.   Normally I would not have included American Beverage in this work but they do have a manufacturing license. Other companies do as well such as hospital and scientific labs but American Beverage is the only license in Allegheny that has a license for a consumer drink.

1960 Founding of the company
Founded as Daily Orange Juice Company, Inc. in 1960, American Beverage Corporation (ABC) began as a small company that manufactured and delivered orange juice products door-to-door in the Pittsburgh suburb of Verona, PA. As other juice flavors were added, the company name was changed to Daily Juice Products. Today, ABC is a diversified beverage company that is part of the Dutch food group, Royal Wessanen of Amstelveen, Netherlands.

2013 American Beverage Corp. v. Diageo North America
AMERICAN BEVERAGE CORPORATION and Pouch Pac Innovations, LLC, Plaintiffs, v. DIAGEO NORTH AMERICA, INC. and Diageo Americas Supply, Inc. trading and doing business as Captain Morgan Co., Defendants.

2014 Flavored Water
American Beverage developed Hug Water (flavored water), Tropical Punch, Glacier Grape and Berry Ice flavors.

2014 Sale Announcement
Royal Wessanen announced that American beverage could be sold. Royal Wessanen made it public that the company was for sale as far back as 2011.

2015 Harvest Hill Beverage Company
Harvest Hill Beverage Company, owned by Brynwood Partners VII L.P., acquired American Beverage Corp.

Pa. Department of State

December 23, 1988
1 Daily Way, Verona, Pa 15147
American Beverage Corp. is a Delaware corporation with its principal place of business in Verona, Pennsylvania. I have not seen it listed in the State database. If it were it would be considered a foreign corporation.

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