Index for Historic Breweries within Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

July 26, 2020
Additional information can be found on these breweries in the Pittsburgh or Allegheny County sections.

Union Brewery (Main St.)
Gangwisch Union Brewery (Main St.)
Gangwisch-Straub Union Brewery (Main St.)
Straub Brewery (Main St.) under Pittsburgh Brewing Co.
Spring Brewery (Spring St.)
Wood Brewery (Spring St.)

Benitz Brewery
British Army Brewery
Carson & Darlington Brewery
Darlington Brewery & Malster
Deppel Brewey (Downtown)
DeWald, Wuesthoff & Company
Faller Brewery
Fink Brewery
Fleming Brothers, Maltsers & Brewers
Franklin Brewery
George W. Smith Brewery
Hawley & Company Brewery
Hoeffling Brewery
Kaiser Brewery & Distillery
Kennedy Sarsaparilla and beer factory
Lemp Brewery
Lewis Brewery
Lutz & Walz Brewery
Monongahela Brewery
Pittsburgh Brewery (Brown & Verner)
Pittsburgh Brewery (Carson, Darlington
Pittsburgh Brewery (Carson)
Pittsburgh Brewery (Rhodes & Verner)
Point Brewery (Shiras-Point)
Point Brewery Shiras-Pitt St
Point Brewery Smith-Pitt St
Shiras Brewery, Peter
Smith (George W) Brewery
St. Clair Lager Beer Brewery (F. G. Schenck)
Straub, John N. Brewery
Tracy & Wilkinson Brewery (not verified for this area)
Union Brewery
Yearman Brewery

Downtown-Kensington (Between Liberty Bridge and South 10th. St. Bridge)
All at the same location other than Pittsburgh Brewery No. 4
Kensington Brewery (Generic name used by others)
Monongahela Brewery (Baird)
Monongahela Brewery (Gorman)
Phoenix Brewery (Coltart & Silvery)
Phoenix Brewery (Wood)
Pittsburgh Brewery No. 4

East Liberty
Collins Avenue Brewery
Highland Brewery

Derby Brewery (formerly Hazelwood Brewery)
Hazelwood Brewery

Hill District
Hoefling Brewery
Keystone Brewery

Liberty Brewery

Allegheny Valley Brewery (Church St., now 46th. St.)
Gangwisch Brewery (Church St.)
Iron City Brewery
St. Julien Brewery (Church St.)
Strim Brewery
Wainwright Brewery
Winterton Brewery

North Side
Allegheny Brewery (Lutz)
Allegheny Brewery (Lutz & Walz)
Allegheny County Brewery
Amber Brewery (Ober Brothers)
Bohemian Brewery
Concord Brewery
Duquesne Brewery
Eagle Brewery (Eberhardt & Ober)
Eaton, Conrad
Eberhardt & Ober Brewery
Eberhardt Brewery, Conrad
Eight Ward Brewery
F. L. Ober (Amber) Brewery
Fisher Brewery (Harrison M Fisher)
Fisher Brewery (J Fisher)
French Brewery
Hauffmans Brewery
Hechelmann Brewery
Herdt Brewery
Hochschwinder & Heine Brewery
Hoffman Brewery
Lenard Karn Brewery
Lion Brewery (D Lutz & Son)
Madison Street (group of) Breweries
National Brewery (Gibberich)
National Brewery (Heid)
North Side Brewery (Hippely & Hopf)
Prospect Ale Brewery
Shaffner Brewery
Siedle Brewery
Spring Brewery
Stoltz & Co
Straub Brewery
United States Brewery
Wacker & Steuernagle Brewery
Weisert & Giesy Brewery AKA Wessel & Geisy
Weiss Beer Brewery
Wood Brothers Brewery

North Side - Spring Garden at Overhill St. Sub-Section
Various owners and various brewery names in one location.
Lafayette Brewery
Mueller Brewery
North Side Brewery (Hippley & Hopf)
Enterprise Brewery (P Gerst)

North Side West
Allegheny Brewery
Depple Brewery (Market St.)
Gangwisch Brewery (Market St.)
Krauss Brewery
Manchester Ale Brewery (Market St.)
Miller & Lang Brewery
Tschudy Brewery

Felson Brewery
Fourteenth Ward Brewery
Hugi Distillery
Kallenborn Brewery
Kaltenhaeusser, V
Klein Distillery
Lang, Patrick Brewery
Miller & Lang Brewery
Oakland Brewery
Pitt Township Brewery

Muth & Company Brewery

South Side
Bavarian Brewery (Winter Bros)
Brownstone Brewery (Hauch)
Diamond Brewery (Auen)
Diders Brewery
Duquesne Brewery
Fretz & Co. Brewery
Fridel Brewery
Hauch Brewery
Hauch-L Brewery
Hilltop Brewery (located in Mt. Oliver Borough)
Hoffman Brewery
Hogl (Hogel) Brewery
Hogl & Rohry Brewery
Holstein Brewery
Huffman Brewery
Keystone Brewery
Klinzing Brewery
Lauer Brewery, S 18th St
Lauer Brewery, S 8th St
Lower Brewery, George
Manor Street Brewery (Auen)
Meussner Brewery
Miller Brewery
National Brewing (Nusser)
Ormsby (Reichenbach Brewery)
Peter Walter & Company
Rauch & Rudman Brewery
Schiltz Brewing Co., Joseph
Schoenhofen Brewery, Peter
Seiferth Brothers Brewery
Sheridan Brewery (Schaffner)
South Side Brewery
Union Brewery (Schaefer)
Wilheim's Brewery
Winter Brothers Brewery, Pgh., South Side

Strip District
Beck Brewery
DeWald, Wuesthoff & Company
Bauerlein, Adam Brewery
Fifth Ward Lager Beer Brewery
Gangwisch Brewery
Meyers Brewery
Ninth Ward Brewery
Schiltz Brewing Co., Joseph
Phoenix Brewery (Wood) Penn & Morris Streets
Phoenix Brewery (Wood) Wilkind & Smallman
Phoenix Brewery (Spencer & Garrard) Wilkins & Smallman
Phoenix Brewery (Spencer, Mckay) Wilkins & Smallman
Phoenix Brewery (Spencer, Mckay, Liddell) Wilkins & Smallman
Phoenix Brewery *Tann) 24th & Smallman
Phoenix Brewery (Pre Pittsburgh Brewing) 24th & Smallman
Phoenix Brewery (Pittsburgh Brewing) 24th & Smallman

Strip District - Quarry Street Sub-Section
These breweries sat on or near Quarry St. between 16th St. & 18th St.
It is obvious that they had strong ties and interaction.
Benitz/Bennett Brewery (originator of Iron City Beer)
Hoeveler & Miller Brewery (after death of Benitz)
Frauenheim, Miller Brewery (prior to moving to Lawrenceville)
Eagle Brewery (Bauerlein)
O'Brian & Stimple Brewery
Phoenix Brewery (Wood & Hughes) Harrison Street

Dutch Brewery
Oregon Brewery (Fawcett & Walker)
Oregon Brewery (Fawcett)
Oregon Brewery (Piers & Dannals)
Tracy & Wilkinson Brewery (not verified for this area)
Vicroy Street Brewery

West End
Metzer Brewery (relocated to Etna)
Schmelz Brewery
Wercering & Klincing Brewery
West End Brewery