Brewing Neighborhoods of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

October 18, 2014++++

This section identifies the neighborhoods of Pittsburgh that had brewing activity. Current Pittsburgh neighborhoods typically took their names from the borough that existed prior to annexation by Pittsburgh or Allegheny.


Pittsburgh and Allegheny were independent cities until 1907 but Allegheny is in the Neighborhood section as the North Side. The North Side page also contains breweries from the Boroughs of Duquesne and Manchester.

Although the area a brewery was located may have changed over the years, I will try and note it but I have not focused on the dates of the changes. Although that in it self may be of interest the locations are noted relative to the date of this work.

The Garfield neighborhood actually did not have a brewery but a few major brewers had land here so I included it in this section for reference. Breweries are now looking with interest in Garfield. A community farm has begun growing hops that are used by a local brewery and is noted in the Garfield page.

There are some discrepancies as to whether or not there was a brewery in East Liberty on Pen Avenue. I have Homewood, which it and East Liberty were in the same Ward in 1872. East Liberty was the name applied to the area then. The major railroad stations were East Liberty Station and Dallas Station with Torrens Station and Homewood Station being minor.

Finally, I placed the Hill Top Brewery of Mt. Oliver in the South Side page. I should not have as Mt. Oliver is a separate borough but it stays there for now.

I have found a number of breweries that were suggested to be in the Pittsburgh area but without any hard information as to their location. They are placed in the Lost Souls page until I can confirm an exact location.

For maps of Pittsburgh, Allegheny and the communities of Allegheny County, please see the
Hopkins Map Collection on the Digital Library of the University of Pittsburgh. For a map of today’s neighborhoods, please see the website by the City of Pittsburgh. Click on a part of the map and an enlarged view will show the neighborhood. Allegheny County has a Municipality Map and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has a map for the Boroughs and Townships for all counties in Pa.