Pittsburgh neighborhood (Allegheny County, Pennsylvania)

September 27, 2014

Greenfield Historical Note

Brewery Locations

Copper Kettle Brewing Co.
Owner: Matthew Dean LLC (per Pa LCB License)
557 Greenfield Ave.
Opened January 4, 2012
The Copper Kettle will cease being a brew-your-own brewery and will convert to a production brewery at the end of 2018. The last session of brewing your own beer will be December 1
st. The brewery will close for remodeling at the end of the month. This was reported by Bob Batz in the Post-Gazette on September 27, 2018.

This is not your traditional brewery or even a brewpub. The premise behind this brewery is to allow customers to brew beer themselves. The brewery is owned by Greg & Matt of Hough’s Bar next door. The zoning request for this brewery was reported in October 2010. The building was formerly Greenfield Hardware that closed the last day of 2009.

The brewery has six copper-clad brewing kettles capable of producing 50-liter batches. They are not heated with fire but use steam. Steam has some advantages over direct fire in some beers.

Brewpubs became legal in Pennsylvania in 1986 but nobody though to venture into a business like this. It is believed that a similar business was attempted in Philadelphia some time ago but was not long-lasting.

Under Pa. law, one can brew beer for personal use but it cannot be sold in any form without a license. Under Federal law one can be a brewer at 18 but if a state has a greater restriction then the greater restriction applies. As Pennsylvania has a minimum age of 21 then the brewer must be at least 21.