Hill District
Pittsburgh neighborhood (Allegheny County, Pennsylvania)

May 22, 2016

Unconfirmed Brewery Location

Hoefling Brewery, George
Wylie St (Hill District)
Opened 1874 Closed 1875
George & Michael Hoefling were listed in the Directory of
Pittsburgh Allegheny Cities of 1856 as brewers and lived in what is now the Market Square area.
This may be moved to Downtown but I need to further locate this brewery more accurately that I have so far.

The J. H. Colton & Co. map of 1855 has Decatur Street in the 6th Ward, which is today the Lower Hill District. Decatur Street is essentially at the Consol Center site. The map also has Decatur Alley (formerly Jail Alley) in the 1
st Ward near Market Square, Downtown. The directory has George at 3 Decatur and Michael at a boarding house at 25 Diamond.

Henry R. and Henry R. Hoehl Jr. Bottling
2041 Center Ave was given in license court on April 6, 1914. It is assumed that Hoehl was the only wholesaler in the Fifth Ward at this time. The 1919 Pittsburgh Directory listed him under Wines and Liquors. The directory implied that Henry R was the owner as Henry R Jr. was a manager.
Henry Hoehl Jr. bottled Duquesne Beer when Duquesne was under Independent Brewing. A bottle label supplied by Mary Hoehl showed the contents to be 13 ounces. 2149 was shown on the label.

See the Hoehl Brewing Co., in the Milvalle page.

Keystone Brewery
Owner: Metz & Dollman
Center Avenue in Pitt Township
Thurston’s 1868 directory had a listing for this brewery on page 260.
Frank Metz lived in Pitt Township and John Dollman (p 116) lived on Duncan, north of Summers. The 1891 Pittsburgh Directory gave 4941 Center Avenue. Aug. Olinger was superintendent.

Non-Brewing Entries

Pennsylvania Bottling Works
2149 Wylie Ave
Here for reference only