Pittsburgh neighborhood (Allegheny County, Pennsylvania)

December 27, 2017

Homewood Historical Note

Homewood was farm country and was named after the estate of Judge William Wilkins, who moved there in 1800. The area remained farm and fields and was not a borough when it was annexed by Pittsburgh in 1894.

Brewery Locations

East End Brewing Co.
6923 Susquehanna St 15208
Opened in 2004, moved to a location in November 2012.
When Pennsylvania permitted brewpubs to operate there was a swell of them that opened in Pittsburgh as well as the throughout state. East End went opposite the trend and opened as a small (one man) regional brewer. Scott Smith is owner and brewer. The name of the brewery is the name of the street he lived on at one time in the East End.

Last day at Homewood was Saturday, November 3, 2012.
Please see the Larimer page.

Highland Brewery
Thomas & Richland Avenues (North-East corner)
This brewery was situated on land owned by George Shiras at one time. It was not shown on the 1890 atlas (plate 18) but is shown on the 1904 atlas (plate 18). W. A. Hoeveler owned the adjacent land. The brewery was known to be in existence in 1903 as that is when it applied for a license with the Pittsburgh Liquor License Court. The brewery was removed and the land sub-divided by 1911. This entry appears in the East Liberty page as well.

W. A. Hoeveler owned all this land in 1899.
W. A. Hoeveler was a Pittsburgh City Councilman from 1911 to 1914.

Their charter was filed with the Pennsylvania Secretary of State has the corporation enrolled on September 10, 1902.
American Brewers’ Review, Volume 19, 1905 had Highland being partially completed in 1905 and as a branch of the Independent Brewing Co.

Highland Brewing Co. Topographical Location: Originally the land was known as East Liberty but it was never a borough. Today, The City of Pittsburgh places it in the neighborhood of North Point Breeze. As past historians placed it in East Liberty and Homewood, and that it is closer today to Homewood, I count this brewery to be in Homewood.

Pig Hill Brewery
6901 Lynn Way 15208
Owner: Pig Hill Brewery LLC, Joseph Reichenbacher and Naomi Auth
The brewery started on Pittsburgh’s North Side but moved production to this spot. It is in a shared-use building. They do not have a taproom here.