North Side East
Pittsburgh neighborhood (Allegheny County, Pennsylvania)

June 22, 2019

North Side Historical Note
Allegheny City and the Boroughs of Manchester and Duquesne with parts of Reserve Township make up what is now the North Side of Pittsburgh.

Brewery Locations East of Federal Street
(Allegheny City, Duquesne Borough)

8th Ward Brewery
Owner: Stephan & Schmit
Between East Ohio Street & Troy Hill Road (at Prospect St)
Allegheny City, East Ohio St, near the City Reservoir
Hopkins 1872 Atlas, Plate 92

9th Ward Brewery
12, 14 Vinial Street (written as Vineal)
The 1872 Pittsburgh Directory, page 372 listed George Ober Sr. being associated with this brewery. Ober was known to be at this address as early as 1860. The 1857/1858/1859 directories have him at Main and East Lane with 1857 listing him as a grocer. Vinial Street was in Allegheny’s Seventh Ward. The Ninth Ward was in the Manchester area along the Ohio River.

Allegheny Brewery
Owner: Heid & Lutz (?-1856) per Pittsburgh the Powerful
Owner: Lutz & Walz (1856-1879) as Lutz Brewing Company
Owner: D Lutz & Son (1879-1897)
1-13 Spring Garden Ave & Chestnut St
Bounded by O’Hara, Chestnut, Itin, and Spring Garden at Vinial. Plate 8
The Deutschtown Fire station now occupies this area.
Thurston’s 1856 directory for Allegheny has Thomas Lutz having a brewery here.
Hopkins 1872 Atlas, Plate 92 had Allegheny Brewery was under (Damas) Lutz & Walz 1853 – March 1879 with the death of Xavier Walz.
Hopkins 1882 Atlas, Plate 32 and1890 Atlas, Plate 8 as Allegheny Brewery was under D. Lutz & Son. 1879 – 1897.

Pittsburgh the Powerful has the Lutz Brewing Company established in 1856 by Damas Lutz and Xavier Walz. The previous brewery at this location was under Heid & Lutz. Walz died at sea in 1878 on a return fro Germany. As a result of the death of Walz, the brewery became D. Lutz & Son in 1879. The brewery, now remodeled, was destroyed by fire on June 5, 1884. Rebuilt, it reopened on June 14, 1885. Pittsburgh the Powerful makes no mention when the name Allegheny Brewery could have been established.

American Brewers Review, Volume 10, Issue 1, 1897
The Fred W. Wolf Company had made plans to reconstruct the D. Lutz & Sons Brewery Company of Allegheny, Pa., which was recently destroyed by fire. The building was planned on being 4 stories, 50 X 65 feet with an iron roof. The cost was projected to be $10,000. The fire was noted in the July 20, 1896 edition of the
American Brewers Review. The Review does not indicate if the fire was at the Allegheny or Lion Brewery.

Sebastian Heid Associations
Sebastian Heid was associated with Lutz at the Allegheny Brewery on Spring Garden Avenue about 1856. He may have known or been associated with Walz, as well. It appears that he may have left when Lutz & Walz formed as he opened the National Brewery. He was associated with Wacker and Huckenstein as they owned land next to his brewery on Troy Hill Road, as shown on Hopkins 1872 atlas. This property became the Spring Brewing Company Bottling Works about the turn of the century.

Allegheny Brewery & Pub (Brewpub)
Owner: Pennsylvania Brewing Company (Tom Pastorius)

800 Vinial St at Troy Hill Road (North Side)
Predecessor to the Penn Brewery
The first brewpub (combined brewery and restaurant) legally permitted to operate in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Although the corporate name of Pennsylvania Brewing Co. would remain, the brewery would be renamed the Penn Brewery. Opened for business on September 12, 1989. Now known as the Penn Brewery. See Penn Brewery, below for more.

Allegheny City Brewing
507 Foreland St
Incorporated on December 1, 2014 with a registered address in Allison Park.
Received a pending license in September 2015 and expected to be producing by the end of the year.

Allegheny County Brewing Co.
River Ave & Walnut St
Walnut Street was parallel to and west of Chestnut Street. Allegheny 1907 Plate 23
Incorporated: December 13, 1905 although another source has January 1906. Expansion plans were announced in December 1906. Closed1910. Some sources give 1905. The Allegheny County Brewing Company was created in 1906 according to The
American Brewers’ Review, Volume 20, 1906, page 196. The Review did not give a location other than Allegheny City.
Pennsylvania White Lead Co. was at this location prior to 1905.
Americans Brewers’ Review, Volume 20 of 1906 reported that the brewery has recently incorporated. Officers were: John Lockhardt, C A Guenther, Herman Hanselman, William Freese and E C F Ernst. Attorney Joseph Stadtfeld also was part of the corporation.

Discrepancy: Tavern Trove (.com) has this brewery in Manchester. The intersection of Walnut and River is located in Allegheny, west of Chestnut Street. In addition, Tavern Trove has the brewery listed as Allegheny and Allegheny County.

Begin Amber Brewery Entries

Amber Brewery
Owner: Leonhart, Schlaffner & Weiser
12, 14 16 Vinial St
Established in 1857 or 1858, reformed as the Amber in 1858 by Koenig & Weiser.
One Hundred Years of Brewing has LS & W as the Amber.
Followed by Koenig & Weiser (this may have been a transitional time)
Followed by Ober & Keonig in 1860
Followed by George Ober in 1864
Some documents refer to this company as the Leonard Schaffer Brewing Company, which is a corruption of the name.
One Hundred Years of Brewing has Ober & Koenig with F. L. and Charles Ober coming into the brewery in 1878. The Ober Brothers Brewing Company was incorporated in 1888 according to One Hundred Years.

Amber Brewery
Koenig & Weiser
12, 14 16 Vinial St
Established in 1858, reformed in 1860 as Koenig & Ober
Preceded by Leonhart, Schlaffner & Weiser
Followed by Ober & Keonig
Followed by Goerge Ober

Amber Brewery
Koening & Ober (AKA King & Ober)
12, 14 16 Vinial St
Established in 1860 from Koenig & Weiser
Preceded by Koenig & Weiser
Preceded by Leonhart, Schlaffner
Followed by George Ober
A Pittsburgh Directory of 1865 listed King & Ober Brewery. King was the Americanized name of Koening.

F. L. Ober & Brother Brewery
12, 14 & 16 Vinial St
Preceded by the George Ober Brewery
Followed by Eagle Brewery of Pittsburgh Brewing Co.
One of the sons, John P. married Sarah Eberhardt. George Ober (the father) retired in 1878 and the brewery went to brothers Frank L. and Charles F. Ober. The brewery was re-named the F. L. Ober Brewery until was sold to the Pittsburgh Brewing Company. After that sale to PBC, Frank retired from the business but Charles became a superintendant with PBC. See the William Ober Brewery, below.

Bottles have been photographed and made public bearing the name F.L Ober & Brothers Brewing Co. Ltd., Allegheny, Pa. The brewery went by the name of the Amber Brewery.

Ober Beer & Ale Brewery, George
12-16 Vinial St
Shown in Hopkins 1872, Table of Contents as a lager brewery.

George Ober’s son F. L. became owner in 1877
Charles F. Ober, who lived on Avery Street, came into the business in 1878
This is per
Industries of Pittsburgh for 1878 – 1880

A good portion of this came from the
Industries of Pittsburgh published for 1878 – 1880. It should be noted that this brewery never had a connection to the Eberhardt brewery next door. Eberhardt did not buy out Ober and both merged individually with the Pittsburgh Brewing Company trust.

Industries of Pittsburgh, published in 1879, illustrated this time-line and described the buildings and vault. The entry for this included an illustration of Gambrinus and the Bock (goat) standing next to a keg. The keg said F. L. Ober & Bro but the caption over the sketch said Cincinnati Amber Brewing Co., but without mention in the entry.

Date Discrepancies: Industries of Pittsburgh (1879) and One Hundred Years of Brewing (1901) are two primary sources but offer conflicting dates.

Ober Brewery, George
10 Vinial St
Followed by the (Gottlieb) Siedle Brewery
10 Vinial St
Shown on the Hopkins 1882 Atlas, Plate 32. See the F. L. Ober Brewery, above.

Ober Brewing Company, William
Vinial St
Followed by the Eberhardt & Ober Brewery
Note, the F. L. Ober Brewery and the George Ober Brewery was on the adjacent property on Vinial Street. They were separate breweries until they both merged with the Pittsburgh Brewing Company.

Discrepancy: The William Ober Brewing Company was formed in 1870 but incorporated in 1883 as the Eberhardt & Ober Brewing Co. as a result of acquiring the John N. Straub Brewery. Some websites have E&O formed in 1870. It should be noted that the Hopkins Atlas of 1872 shows the Eberhardt & Ober Brewery. This was the third of 3 breweries that formed in 1883. This could be correct as Ober was not associated with E&O until 1883 but that did not disallow E&O to be re-named prior to 1883. John P. Ober was with Eberhardt at the time and they could have formed E&O.

End Amber Brewery Entries

American Brewery of Allegheny
Not in the Regional Count – Placed here for reference
East Ohio Street at 31
st Street Bridge, Millvale
Shown oh Hopkins 1906, Plate 19.
American Brewers Review, Volume 14 (1901) reported that American Brewing of Allegheny built a new icehouse. Julius Geiselhort was maltster as well as the major stockholder.

The property was sold to the Fried and Reinemen Packing Co, on August 21, 1925. David S. Rotenstein wrote about the packing company on
historian4hire posted November 26, 2010. He gives the deed from American to Reiemen as Deed Book 2069, Page 320.

Brewery (J. Fisher)
See Madison Street Breweries, below.

Brewery (Madison Street)
See Madison Street Breweries, below.

Bohemian Brewing
Spring Garden Avenue and Overhill Street
Bohemian Brewing built a new brewery on the site of the Lappe tannery, as reported in the
Brewers' Journal and Barley, Malt and Hops Trades' Reporter, Volume 40 of July 1, 1916. Hopkins Atlas 1907, Plate 28 shows the North Side Brewery of Pittsburgh Brewing Company.

The architect for the Bohemian Brewing Co. was Charles J. Reiger. Inquiries were to Alex Vis at 308 Grant Street as noted in
The American Contractor, Volume 37, 1916. Bohemian Brewing (shown on the Downtown page) may have been the general office. Iron Trades Review, Volume 58 (1916) reported plans were being prepared for a three-story addition to Bohemian’s plant.

At the time of the Pittsburgh Brewing Company merger of 1899, the brewery here was under Hippely & Son but was taken out of service between 1899 to 1903 as it was no longer listed by then. As Bohemian was formed in 1915 it appears they were interested in the site and acquired it from PBC. As the brewery never materialized it is safe to say Bohemian was under funded.

However, The Brewers' Journal and Barley, Malt and Hop Trades' Reporter, Volume 40 (1916) reported that the company erected a brewery on the site of the Lapp Tannery, which they purchased for $40,000.

Concord Brewery (George W. Lang)
50 Concord St
This was in the vicinity of the Lutz Allegheny Brewery. Plate 8 shows property belonging to F Lang that would be suitable for a small brewery. This was Fredrick Lang. In 1860 he and Leonard Karn were living at East Lane and Perry Street (see Madison Street Breweries, below). It is not known if Karn and Lang were partners but one could make that assertion. A Hopkins plate of 1907 shows the lots on Concord Street belonging to Karn.
See Lang Beer Vaults, below.
Opened 1868 Closed 1877

Lang Beer Vaults (George W.)
Concord Street (Vista St is in the rear) between Madison and Chestnut
In the vicinity of Butcher’s Run (formerly: Saw Mill Run) Allegheny City, Third Ward: Hopkins Atlas of 1872, Plate 79. See Concord Brewery, above. The property today is vacant and overgrown but stone foundations are visible.

Butcher’s Run & Spring Run flood of July 26, 1874
A flood of epic proportion devastated Spring Garden Avenue, know than as O’Hara Street as well as Concord Street. Certainly the brewery and vaults would have been affected but I can find no account on damage to them.

Duquesne Brewery
Owners: Benz & Seidle
Butler Plank Road, 1859 directory had the office at 218 Liberty Street
This brewery was found in:
The Pittsburgh Wool Company – A History, by David S. Rotenstein. It was located in then Duquesne Borough before being incorporated into Allegheny City. The book on the Wool Company is in itself a fascinating read on the wool industry here. The brewery was also noted in the 1859 Pittsburgh directory. See Siedle Brewery, below.

Eberhardt Brewery, Conrad
Ohio at Chestnut Streets
Geoorge H. Thurston listed 23 lager beir breweries in Pittsburgh in his 1857 book,
Pitttsburgh as it is, or, Facts and Figures. Conrad was listed at this location. Another source has Eberhardt starting his brewery in 1852. Conrad Eberhardt was a brewer in Wurtemberg, Germany and established a brewery in Allegheny City in 1848, but this conflicts with the 1852 date. He is said to be the first person to use steam power in Pittsburgh but that would have been when the Eberhardt & Ober Brewery was operating.

Eagle Brewery
Eberhardt & Ober Brewing Co. Eagle Brewery (1870- 1899)
Troy Hill at Vinal St
A re-incorporation occurred in 1883
Pittsburgh Brewing Co. – Eberhardt & Ober Plant (1899 – 1952)
The brewery produced 3.2% ABV during National Prohibition, 1920-1933 and was issued U-Permit No. PA-U-313A: allowing the resumption of brewing operations 1933. Pittsburgh Brewing Co., Eberhardt & Ober Plant 1933-1952. Plant Closed. Pennsylvania Brewing Co., doing business as Allegheny Brewery & Pub opens in1989

Vinial St (Allegheny City-Deutschtown)
1100-1124 Troy Hill Road & 800/825 Vinial Street
William Eberhardt and John Peter Ober were brother-in-laws. They formed E & O in 1883 when they unified three smaller breweries in the area. John and Charles were owners of E & O from other sources.
Conrad Eberhardt, Eagle Brewery (1/9 Troy Hill Rd & Vinial St) 1849-1870
Conrad was brewing in Alsace when he came to American in 1848 and founded the brewery. He died on March 25, 1899. Conrad retired in 1870 and turned the brewery over to William and John P. Ober. John was married to Conrad’s sister.

Bottles have been photographed and made public bearing the name Eberhardt & Ober Brewing Co., Allegheny, Pa. When the Penn Brewery first opened as the Allegheny Brewery & Pub. A large painting illustrating the brewery complex of E&O was placed behind the bar. It was thought to be the only one in existence but a pallet of lithographs was found in the building. They went missing.

The brewery was first established by Conrad Eberhardt in 1852 but was changed to Eberhardt & Ober in 1870. Mr. Eberhardt was the third person to brew lager beer (unlike ale & porter) in Allegheny County. The brewery had (still does albeit sealed off) three rock vaults with a capacity of 5,000 barrels. The cellar can hold 4,000 barrels.

Eaton, Conrad
Troy Hill Road
Thurston has a Conrad Eaton as a brewer in Allegheny City at this location. Conrad Eberhardt was also on Troy Hill Road and I do not know if Thurston is in error or if Eaton was a small brewer.

Enterprise Brewery (Hippely & Son)
314-322 Spring Garden Avenue
Philip Gerst 1859-1871
Aka: Spring Garden Brewery 1859-1871
Northside Brewery 1859-1871
Aka: Lafayette Brewery 1859-1871
Gerst & Brothers 1871-1879
John M. Mueller, Bavarian Brewery 1879-1883
Hopf, Roth S Co. 1882-1884
(Isaac) Hippely & Hopf, Enterprise Brewery 1884-1888
Aka: Northside Brewery 1884-1888
Hippely & Son, Enterprise Brewery 1888-1899
Absorbed into the Pittsburgh Brewing Co. syndicate 1899
Pittsburgh Brewing Co., Hippely & Son 1899-1899

Enz Brewing Co., Michael
2100 West Ohio St (Allegheny City-West Park of North Side) Millvale
See Millvale in the Allegheny County section.

Eperhert Brewery, Conrad
Troy Hill & Ohio
Directory of Pittsburgh & Allegheny Cities (1860) had this brewery listed. This had to be a mistake that got through as the directory also had Conrad Eberhardt listed, albeit a slightly different address. Eperhert had to be mistakenly entered. This entry is not counted as a North Side brewery.

French Brewery
See Madison Street Breweries, below.

Gerst Brewery, George
See Madison Street Breweries, below.

Gerst Brewery, Philip
See Enterprise Brewery, above.

Hauffman Brewery, Louis
Unknown location
It was located in then Duquesne Borough about 1872 before being incorporated into Allegheny City.

Hechelmann & Co. Brewery
Hein Hechelman & Co. Brewery
56 – 68 Vinial St at Villa
Followed by (Lutz) Lion Brewery
Hechelmann was established in 1858 and became the Lion Brewery in 1874. It went to Lutz & Walz in 1878 and D. Lutz & Son in 1879. See Lion Brewery, below for 1852 date.
Shown in Hopkins 1872 Atlas, Plate 92 and the Table of Contents (as a lager brewery). The text in
Industries of Pittsburgh gives the impression that Hechelmann started the Lion Brewing Company. An 1860 Directory listed the Hechelman, Hein & Co. Brewery.

Herdt Brewery, Henry
135 3rd St
Henry Herdt 1860 or before to 1870’s and after
Mrs. D. Herdt 1877-1879

The Pittsburgh Directory has him as a brewer living on Perry Street, north of Ohio.
Hopkins 1872 Atlas, Plate 32 shows an un-named brewery at Spring Garden Avenue and Overhill Street. The 1890 Atlas, Plate12 has Hippley & Hopf, North Side Brewery. The federal government confiscated his brewery was confiscated in 1871 due to tax evasion but he was brewing after that date.

Hippely & Hopf
Hippely & Son
314 Spring Garden Avenue
North Side Brewery (Pittsburgh Brewing Co)
Followed by North Side Brewery of Pittsburgh Brewing Co.
Principals were Clarence & Isaac Hippely
Isac Hippely (Born in Erie, Pa., died October 24, 1902) founded the brewery in 1864. He came to Allegheny in 1862.
Hippely & Hopf was operating until a fire burned the brewery on July 4, 1887. It appears Hopf left the partnership as his son went to work for Eberhardt & Ober. Hippely & Son formed in 1898 and continued until the Pittsburgh Brewing merger in 1899. Bottles have been photographed and made public bearing the name Hipely & Son Brewers, Allegheny, Pa. (Isaac) Hippely & Miller was in Allegheny but I have information on this company.

Hochschwinder & Heine
Chestnut and Liberty (Intersects just at south of Ohio)
Noted in the 1867 Pittsburgh Directory.
Daniel Heim, (sic?) was living at 296 Ohio.
Louis Heim, Spring Garden, Reserve Twp., was with Hechlemann & Company.
Hopkis 1872 Atlas, Plate 82 shows Heim having two lots at this corner.

Hoffman Brewery, Anthony
138 – 144 Chestnut Street
Followed by Weiss Beer Brewery
Known to be operating from 1860 but the property was a saloon in 1870. Hopkins 1872 Atlas, Plate 92 shows the Hoffman property without identification to use. It is located in the 7
th Ward just below Saw Mill Run. The 1863 directory place Hoffman on Chestnut, near Green.

Lafayette Brewery (Gerst, Phillip)
314 Spring Garden Ave (along Spring Garden Run) at Lager St (surprised?)
Shown in Hopkins 1872, Table of Contents but Thurston identifies the Lafayette as early as 1861, operated by G & P Gerst.
(Property owner listed as P. Gerst)
Hopkins 1872, Plate 92 for Phillip Gerst Lafayette Brewery

Lang Beer Vaults (George W.)
Concord Street (Vista St is in the rear) between Madison and Chestnut
In the vicinity of Butcher’s Run (formerly: Saw Mill Run) Allegheny City, Third Ward: Hopkins Atlas of 1872, Plate 79. See Concord Brewery, above.

Leonard Shaffner Brewery, or
Shaffner & Weissert Amber Brewery
(See Above)
12 – 18 Vinial St
Followed by the Koenig & Ober Amber Brewery
The brewery was to have been here from 1858 to 1860 prior Koenig & Ober.

Links Brewery
519 East General Robinson St
Owner: Links Brewing Co. LLC
Received a pending LCB brewing permit on June 20, 2019.
Incorporated October 23, 2014 with the above address.

Lion Brewery (D. Lutz)
Villa & Vinial St
Bottles have been photographed and made public bearing the name D Lutz & Sons Brewers, Allegheny, Pa.
Hopkins 1872 Atlas, Plate 92. The Lion Brewery not yet established as such as it was under Hechelmann 1854 -1874 and known as the Seventh Ward Brewery. A newspaper (undated page) ad placed by D Lutz indicated that the brewery was established in 1852.
Hopkins 1882 Atlas, Plate 32, Hopkins 1890 Atlas, Plate 8 & Hopkins 1901 Atlas, Plate 18 & 19 as Lion Brewery was under D. Lutz & Son (Anton & Damas) 1874 – 1904.
Independent Brewing Co, of Pittsburgh, Lutz & Son Brewery 1904-1909.
American Brewers’ Review, Volume 24, reported the closing in 1910. The Lion Brewing Company incorporated on July 11, 1905.

Begin Madison Street Breweries
(Madison Street was formally known as East Lane)

Several breweries were known to have existed along Madison Avenue (formerly East Lane). I grouped them here, as there is a lot in common between them with respect to the brewers. George Gerst died in 1861 du to the Civil War. He was the operator of the Gerst Hotel before he left for the Army, but his son, George Jr. would have been involved in any brewing after 1861.

1) Brewery near Avery Street
(John) Weissert & (George) Gerst Brewery (J. Fisher)
Madison St between Ohio St (to the north) and Avery (to the south)
Joseph Fisher was the property owner but we cannot assume that Fisher was a brewer at this location or if the brewery was named after him. Thurston’s 1856 directory has the name Wessel & Geisy at East Lane between Ohio and Avery.

(William) Wessel & (John) Giesy were identified in 1856 at East Lane, between Ohio and Avery. Peter Geisy was a tavern keeper at Ohio and East Lane.
Hopkins 1872, Plate 82 shows Fischer as the property owner.
Hopkins 1882, Plate 31 does not show a property owner but the lots are
The land was absorbed by the Interstate 279 project.

Name Misspellings: Various directories have the names of the principals in error, either by the tabulator or by reproductive scanning. Such spellings have been: Weisert & Giesy Brewery and (John) Wessell & Giesy (as written by Thurston in 1856).

Additional: Shaffner & Weissert operated the Amber Brewery (See Above) at 12 – 18 Vinial St and may have been the first at this location to use the name Amber Brewing.

2) Brewery at Perry Street
Madison St; one lot south of Perry St
Hopkins places a brewery here but without a name.
Frederick Straub was listed in the 1860 census as a brewer and cooper and living in Pittsburgh. An 1860 Directory had him living at East and Perry, north of Ohio. It was not uncommon for owners to live in their business so it can be entertained that this could have been the Frederick Straub Brewery.

The 1870 census has Joseph Fischer as a brewer living in the 4
th Ward of Allegheny, which this part of Madison Street sits. In 1860 Joseph was living in the same house as Frederick Straub.

3) Gerst Hotel
Gerst Brewery, George
Gerst & Nessel
(according to Thurston)
Gerst had a brewery and tavern on East Lane at Second Street. The 1872 Hopkins Atlas showed the Gerst Hotel at this location. Today, the streets are Suisman Street and Madison Avenue, respectfully. This may not actually be a brewery location: giving only 2 breweries along Madison. Others have noted Gerst having a brewery on East. The 1860 Pittsburgh Directory identified Gerst & Co. brewery at this location.

It should be noted that George’s father, Phillip Gerst, operated the Lafayette Brewery on Spring Garden Avenue.

Leonard Karn and his business partner Chris S. Sende operated out of 40 East Street but were not licensed in 1899. They were also employed as drivers for Straub & Company. This was noted in the Pittsburgh Dispatch of April 14 1899 when they applied for a license to bottle.

Thurston’s 1860 directory has this entry: Leonard Karn, brewery, East n Second. A. Thurston also noted Frederick Lang as a brewer at East Lane and Perry. See Concord Brewery, above for more on this. In 1901, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania had Karn listed as a beer bottler.

Engineering Review, 1906 noted that William Winkleman of Allegheny, Pa. received a contract for plumbing 8 houses for Karn but did not report a street. Sanitary and Heating Age, 1905 noted the same contract to be for Concord Street.

4) Prospect Ale Brewery
The Prospect Ale Brewery was at 136 East Lane but unfortunately I cannot find an address for any of the breweries above. Consequently I can’t tie the Prospect to any of them.

The 1875 Pittsburgh Directory had: J. Schulteis, 136 Madison Avenue and Weil & Ochsenhart, 171 Madison Avenue. They were listed under Breweries. 171 would be the Gerst Hotel. Fawcett & Dipple, brewers was at 136 Madison in 1871.

Province Street (Prospect) Bottling Plant
Province Street was formerly Prospect Street. It comes off Troy Hill Road near Penn Brewery. Sanborn shows a bottling plant at the intersection of Province and Basin Streets at Troy Hill Road. It is unidentified. The Stephan & Schmit 8th Ward Brewery was across Troy Hill Road in 1872. I can only speculate if this was a brewery by this name.

5) French Brewery
The 1869 Pittsburgh Directory had Antone Seifert owning this brewery at 101 Madison. The 1872 Hopkins Atlas, Plate 82 shows a brewery at the corner of Madison and an un-named way, north of and parallel to Avery. See 1) Brewery near Avery Street, above in this section.

End Madison Street Breweries

Mueller Brewery, John M
314 Spring Garden Avenue
Preceded by Philip Gerst Brewery
Followed by Hppely in 1884
Advertisements showed this to be the name of the brewery but I do not know if Mueller ever used the names Enterprise (see above) or Spring Garden Brewery.
Associated with this brewery were J W Meuller and J Kunzman.
Mueller had a beer depot at Fifth & Gist in Soho. He was also connected to the 14th Ward Brewery in Oakland.

Mueller v. Mueller:
From May 1, 1881 John M. Mueller became the fee-tenant of a brewery. He then sub-leased the property to his son, John H, who operated the brewery. John H sold the brewery equipment in 1882 causing his father to sue. John M prevailed on appeal but the brewery was sold to Hippely.

National Brewery (John Gibberich & Co.)
Liberty Street, north of Sycamore
Noted in the 1865 Pittsburgh Directory.
Peter Walker of Allegheny’s 3rd Ward was with the brewery.

National Brewery (Sebastian Heid)
374 E Ohio St
The rear of the brewery was along Troy Hill Road and just up from the reservoir, as shown on Hopkins 1872 Atlas, Plate 92. Wacker & Steuernagel had land adjacent to this brewery but it is unknown if they had an interest in it. See Wacker & Steuernagel, below. Although a building is shown on the Hopkins 1882 Atlas, Plate 32, it is not identified nor is the property ownership. A brewery is shown on Hopkins 1872 Atlas, Plate 32 with S. Heid as landowner. Sanborn 1906 has this as the Spring Brewing Co. Bottling Works, below.
Open 1857 Closed 1874
J. P. Wacker 1874-1874
John Huckenstein 1874-1878
W. & G. Huckenstein 1878-1879
It was located in then Duquesne Borough before being incorporated into Allegheny City.

North Side Brewery (Pittsburgh Brewing Co.)
Preceded by Hippely Brewery
Overhill Street between Hazel & Spring Garden
Hopkins Atlas 1907, Plate 28 for North Side Brewery
Hopkins Atlas 1907, Plate 28 shows the North Side Brewery of Pittsburgh Brewing Company.

Ober Brewery
Vinial St
All Ober breweries are placed in the Amber Brewery section, above.

Penn Brewery (Brewpub)
Owner: Pennsylvania Brewing Company
Founded by Tom & Mary Beth Pastorius
800 Vinial St at Troy Hill Road (North Side)
Pen Brewery was formerly the Allegheny Brewery & Pub until the owners re-named it in the 1990’s. The Allegheny Brewery and Pub opened on September 12, 1989 and was Pennsylvania’s first pub tied to a brewery. The copper kettle and lauter tun were manufactured in Germany and assemble on site by German craftsman brought over by Tom.

Pig Hill Brewery
Red Star Foods
1721 Lowrie Street, Troy Hill
Owners: Joe Reichenbacher & Naomi Auth
Not your father’s brewery in any way. Kombucha is fermented tea and the brand name is Red Star Kombucha. Read more about
Kombucha from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau.

Relocated to 5001 Penn Ave near Gross St, Garfield then to the Pittsburgh Public Market, Strip District.

Prospect Ale Brewery
The 1868 Pittsburgh Directory (page 166) lists (John) Growe & Walters, Prospect Ale Brewery at 136 East Lane, Allegheny. See Madison Street Breweries, above.

Siedle Brewery (Gottlieb)
10 Vinial St
Followed by the George Ober Brewery
Shown in Hopkins 1872, Table of Contents as a lager brewery. It is also shown on the Hopkins 1872 Atlas, Plate 92. Its location is where the present Penn Brewery restaurant is located. The Hopkins 1882 Atlas, Plate 32 shows the George Ober Brewery. See Duquesne Brewery, above.

Gottlieb Seidle was the owner of the Duquesne Brewery on the Butler Plank Road during the 1860’s. He was shown to be the owner of this brewery on Vinial Street, which was between the Ober and Eberhardt breweries. This was for a short time and odd as the Obers and Eberhardts were here before and after him. Seidle also owned a restaurant on Liberty Street in the 1860’s.

The 1860 Pittsburgh Directory had entries for Benz & Siedle, brewers in Duquesne Borough and the Duquesne Brewery. Benz may have been misspelled for Enz.

Spring Brewing Co. Bottling Works
East Ohio Street
Bottles have been photographed and made public bearing the name Spring Brewing Co., Allegheny, Pa. The Spring Brewing Company Bottling Works is shown on the Sanborn Map of
1906, Sheet 201 along East Ohio Street. This was formerly a brewery owned by Heid who owned the National Brewery, above. Sanborn does not give property ownership so I can’t say that this belonged to Heid.

Spring Hill Brewery
1958 Varley Street
Owner: Parts Unknown Brewing Co. LLC
Incorporated October 31, 2013.
Greg Kameedze (Brewer) and Mike Seamans (business partner)
The Pa. LCB granted them a pending brewing license on Friday, May 19, 2017. The brewery, known as the Spring Hill Brewery after the name of the North Side neighborhood has been in the planning stage for a long time due to neighbor opposition. The brewery had a soft opening in April 2018 but had yet to receive their license. The first day of legal trading was July 13, 2018.

Straub & Co., John N.
Followed by Eberhardt & Ober, Ale Brewery Warehouse
152-155 South Canal St between Chestnut & Sycamore
Hopkins Atlas of 1872, Plate 82 and 1882, Plate 34
Straub moved to this location from Downtown.
Established in 1848 by John N. Straub. The
Brewers Journal, Volume 31 has 1843.
Credited in brewing the first lager in Pittsburgh, which was called Allegheny City at the time.
In 1858 the brewery was destroyed by fire only one day after the insurance policy expired. The stock was a total loss. By 1867 he went into business with his son Theodor under the name John N. Straub & Co. As noted in Thurston’s 1856 directory he had a beer hall on Quarry Street in the Strip Dstrict.

Straub – Eberhardt
In 1883 Straub & Company merges with Eberhardt & Ober at which time E & O became a stock company. John Straub had retired by 1879 and his sons Theodore and Herman were principals.
The merger resulted in the following officers:
John P. Ober, President
Theodore F. Straub, Vice President
Edward H. Straub, Treasurer
John G. Walther, Secretary
William Eberhardt, Superintendant
Martin Nusskern, Brewmaster
(George M. Nusskern became assistant brewmaster in 1918)

Wacker & Steuernagel Brewery
Between Liberty & N Canal St at Butcher’s Run
Ohio St (north of N Canal St) between Camore St and Butcher’s Run
Hopkins Atlas of 1872, Plate 82 (Allegheny City Fourth Ward)
The brewery was not shown in the 1882 atlas, plate 31.
They were very close to the Straub Brewery on S Canal Street.
The brewery, albeit unidentified, was shown sitting on Butcher’s Run in Hopkins 1872 Atlas, Plate 96.

The Pittsburgh Press on August 18, 1904 reported that Peter Steuernagel had a saloon at the corner of Chestnut and Ohio Streets, Allegheny.

Peter Steuernagel (63) died on December 21, 1917

The (a) Wacker family controlled significant brewing properties in Chicago in the late 1800’s. I have no information if they had any connection to this brewery. There was a Wacker Brewery in Lancaster, Pa. Again I have no information if they had a connection.

Wacker & Steuernagel had an additional parcel of land near the reservoir along Try Hill Road as shown on the Hopkins 1872 Atlas, Plate 92. It was just further up from the 8
th Ward Brewery. Although there was a brewery next to their land the land with the brewery belonged to S. Held. See: National Brewery and Spring Brewing Co, above.

Weiss Beer Brewery
142 Chestnut St
Preceded by the Anthony Hoffman brewery
Listed in the 1877 Pittsburgh Directory with Adolph Hussmann being associated with the brewery. William Schinmiller was with a brewery on Chestnut, but no address was given.

Weisert & Giesy Brewery
(John) Wessell & Giesy
(as written by Thurston in 1856)
Julian Weisert was noted in the 1860 Pittsburgh Directory

Un-named alley parallel and between Ohio Street and Avery Street
Identified in The Pittsburgh Directory of 1860.
See Brewery (J. Fisher), above.
Identified as the Weisert & Giesy Brewery.
This is 1 of 3 breweries along Madison St. See (Madison Street).
The land was absorbed by the Interstate 279 project.
Hopkins 1872, Plate 82 shows Fischer as the property owner.
Hopkins 1882, Plate 31 does not show a property owner but the lots are

Note: I would have thought the Giesy was a misspelling of Gerst, but Thurston in 1856 clearly had Gerst and Giesy listed separately.