Pittsburgh neighborhood (Allegheny County, Pennsylvania)

August 11, 2017
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Brewery Locations
Two locations in this section

This page has three breweries on either side of Robinson Street just north of Fifth Avenue. Robinson is essentially true north and each brewery is identified as being on Robinson Street-East Side or Robinson Street-West Side. This can be seen on this 1882
Hopkins map.

Robinson Street-East Side

14th Ward Brewery
Coldenhiser & Sheller Brewery at the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue, Oakland in 1858. White Cildenhiser and John Sheller lived in or near the brewery.

Kaltenhauser & Schaller Lager Beer Brewers
Robinson Street-East Side, north of Fifth Avenue
Shown on Hopkins 1872 Atlas, Plate 49
Plate 49 identifies it as the 14
th Ward Brewery owned by V. Kaltenhauser.
The 1882 Atlas, Plate 12 simply identifies the lot as Brewery.
Hopkins 1889 Atlas, Plate 17 and 1898 atlas, plate 13 shows V. Kaltenhauser but no brewery.

Peter Kaltenborn had a home, beer saloon and brewery at 230 P. Ave. listed in an 1858 Pittsburgh directory. Jacob Kaltenborn was listed at the same address as a gentleman, meaning he was retired and I assume Peter’s father.

The same directory lists the Coldenhiser & Sheller Brewery at Penn’a Ave and Robinson, Oakland. White Coldenhiser and John Sheller (or Shaller?) were listed at being with the brewery but this could have been the Oakland Brewery?
The 1863/64 Pittsburgh Directory identified Peter Cortenheiser and John M. Mueller as brewers on Robinson, Oakland. The address was Penn Ave, Oakland.

Some documentation lists the name Valentine, but the
Directory of Pittsburgh & Allegheny Cities has the name Veit. What is now Forbes Avenue was Pennsylvania Avenue in the 1860’s when Kaltenhauser’s brewery was listed, being in the Village of Oakland.

The property was in the shape of a hammer as the end of the handle was fronting Fifth Avenue and passing through adjacent property to the head. One face of the head was fronting Robinson.

Today, if you were coming inbound toward downtown, the brewery would have been off to the right side of Fifth Avenue at Robinson. One would have been looking at it had you started to make the left turn to go up Robinson.

The 1860 Pittsburg Director has a John W Miller working at a lager beer brewery at Penn Ave and Robinson, Oakland. John W. Miller may have been a corruption of the name John M. Mueller.

A Charles Kaltenhauser, living at 2114 Forbes Avenue was an Alderman and/or Justice of the Peace around 1916.

Cross Reference:
From the Darlington & Company Brewery, Downtown: A Pittsburgh Directory of 1867 places Pollock, Kaltenborn & Co., manufacturers of Ale, Beer and Vinegar, on First Avenue under the name of Monongahela Brewery.

Cross Reference:
See the Muller Brewery, North Side.

Robinson Street-West Side

Felson Brewery
Owner: Erbrich & Zuker
Robinson Street-West Side at 5th Ave
(August) Erbrich & Zucker were associated with the Felson Brewery, believed to be in operation only in 1882. They were listed in the
Annual Report of the Chamber of Commerce for 1882. Diffenbacher’s 1882 directory had this brewery identified but Zuker was not in the directory. The 1881 directory also had the brewery as well as Kaltenhauser’s across the street.

Oakland Brewery
Robinson Street-West Side at 5th Ave
Mohawk Lane was in the rear, which is completely wooded today.
Shown on Hopkins Atlas, Plates 46 & 49 of 1872 with no land ownership.
An 1872 directory had Meyer & Cronemeyer as owners
A city directory of 1878 showed the brewery to be owned by Cunliff & Co.
Hopkins 1889 Atlas, Plate 17 shows H. H. Hoffman, but without a brewery being identified. The 1882 atlas (plate 12) has land ownership by H. H. Hoffman with brewery in place identified as Brewery. The 1898 atlas, plate 13 shows the land belonging to H. H. Hoffman, but without a brewery being identified.

Penn Avenue

The 1860 Pittsburgh Directory by Polk listed a John W. Miller at a lager beer brewery at Penn av (Pennsylvania Avenue) and Robinson, Oakland. Pennsylvania Avenue was changed to Fifth Avenue very soon after the great Pittsburgh Fire of 1845.

Naming of Oakland

According to Margaret Pearson Bothwell in her book
Devereux Smith, Fearless Pioneer, Oakland received its mane after Benjamin A. Fahnestock’s estate known as Oakland. Fahnestock, a Physician, purchased the land from Samuel Church on April 10, 1837. Church purchased the land from James Chadwick. Charles B. Taylor previously owned the land and subdivided it. Prior to that is was Devereux Smith’s land (died December 22, 1799). There were 170 acres of land known as Smith’s Grove that was purchased by James O’Hara (1753 – 1819). O’Hara named it Smithfield. O’Hara was married to Mary Carson who’s daughter Mary married James Croghan who’s daughter married Captain Edward Schenley. Need I say more? Yes. Smithfield Street in downtown Pittsburgh took its name from Devereux Smith who owned property there.