Lost Souls
(Pittsburgh and Allegheny County, Pennsylvania)

August 12, 2018 (Revised June 14, 2019)

Lost Souls Note

These breweries are believed to have been operating in Pittsburgh during the 1800’s or 1900’s, but I can find no credible information to place them at an address. They will be moved to a specific neighborhood once identified. Some entries are noted to be not in the regional count but none on this page are. None of these entries are in the regional count.

Lost Souls Breweries

Leland Dewitt Baldwin in his book
Pittsburgh: The Story of a City, 1750-1865, University of Pittsburgh Press, Apr i1, 1937 asserts on page 115 there was “1 Malster and Brewer” in 1792 Pittsburgh. He does recognize, on page 147, the Point Brewery under George Shiras but having been built by O’Hara in 1803. Shiras did not arrive until 1794. The1792 date could be a typo and there is no other support for this date in the book.

Allegheny River Brewing
Oakmont, Pa.
Not licensed but these three lads seem determined to become brewers. They have a system in pace but no word when they may apply for a brewing permit.

Broken Paddle Brewing Co
An unlicensed brewery that established (on February 4, 2014) a name for itself.

BJ’s restaurant Pub
Not listed in this work.
Marshall Crossing in the North Hills and to South Hills Village in the South Hills. One or both may not have an on-site brewery is open. The chain does not brew on-site other than Nevada and Utah. The beers are then shipped to each location.

Black & Gold Brewing Company
Brewed in Harrisburg and is one of the house beers of Appalachian Brewing Co. Read more at Pittsburgh Post Gazette story.
This is a paper brewing company, as it has no brewing facilities of its own as of 2011. The owner of Black & Gold is Mark Kwiatkowski who used to own a beer distributorship by the same name in Aspinwall.

Brick Alley Brewing (McKessport) Cranberry
May also be known as Brick Brewing.
Started around the spring of 2012 but does not have a license.

Carl Herbert Brewing Co. of Pittsburgh
1124 Penn Avenue
In operations from 1900 until 1909
Carl Herbert (b. February 2, 1860 Germany): arrived in America in 1884. It is unknown when he came to Pittsburgh but was a wholesale liquor dealer here. Prior to that he was a salesman for the Isaac Leisy Brewing Company of Cleveland. He moved to Monaca in 1911.

In 1882 The Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce published that Isaac Leisy & Co. operated the Keystone Beer Bottling Co. in Pittsburgh. I have the Keystone Brewery in the Hill District page. It was owned by Metz & Dollman. Keystone and Carl Herbert were bottlers who had a brewer’s license to re-sale beer.

Note: The Isaac Leisy Brewing Company of Cleveland was operating a distribution facility in Pittsburgh as early as 1878 according to
Ohio Breweriana.

Domestic Brewing Co.
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Incorporated on January 9, 1908 per Pa. Department of State.
Some breweries have incorporated in Pittsburgh or have their main office here but are actually located in another region. The Domestic Brewing Company may have not actually have been located in Pittsburgh.

Duquesne Brewery Interim Limited Partnership
(The Bernstein Group. Inc. et al)
394 E Town St, Columbus, Pa. 43215
Company formed on August 18, 1986 to develop the brewery and stock house.

Erickson Brothers Brewery
Location unknown
Opened 1893 Closed 1893

Fayette County Brewing Company of Pittsburgh
Shown here for reference with respect to brewery mergers
The American Brewers’ Review of 1910, Volume 24 reported the merger of five breweries in Fayette County, Pa. The brewing company was organized in Pittsburgh, Pa., Allegheny County. The breweries were:
Brownsville Brewing Co. of Brownsville
Johnstown Brewing Co. of New Salem
Masontown Brewing Co. of Masontown
Republic Brewing Co. of Republic
Yough Brewing Co. of Connellsville (
Location on this map)
The Fayette Brewing Company had a capital of $7,500,000 and a total capacity of 200,000 barrels.
The Pittsburgh Brewing Company and the Independent Brewing Company are the two well known companies that formed with the merger of several independent companies and Fayette is shown here to illustrate the other companies have formed through merging.

Hansmann Brewery
The George F. Hansmann Brewery was to have been at Manor Street at the head of S 12th St in 1885. This was the same location of Nusser’s Brewery.

Hoffman, John
Unknown location
Came to America from Germany in 1848 and lived in New Jersey for a short time. He then came to Pittsburgh and operated a brewery but that too was short lived. There was a John Hoffman/Huffman having a brewery on the South Side around 1860 but I am checking to see if they are different individuals.

Hawley & Co.
Unknown location
Indicated in the 1841
Harris General Business Directory.
In 1837 there was a Richard Hawley & Herrick of the Cleveland (Ohio) Brewery on Canal Street. They were not brewers but agents for the brewery.

Independent Brewing Company
Owner: Kurzweg Tavern Company
1704 Shady Ave at Forbes Ave, Shady Side
A bar/restaurant. Formerly known as Fanattics. Opened in early 2014. Their business plan is to serve beers from the region’s Independent brewing companies.

Keggle Brewing, Inc
Owner: Terry B Denham
Glenshaw, address of private home
Not a brewery but a supply house for homebrew enthusiasts. The business may be operated out of a private residence.

Night’s Brewery
Butler Plank Road
Reference was made in the 1860
Pittsburgh Directory to Night’s Brewery with Sebastian Night as brewer. This is the only entry of this brewery or brewer that I have found.

McDonald Brewing Co.
McDonald, Pa. (Washington County)
Incorporated on July 9, 1907 as a Pennsylvania company.
The application for the charter for the corporation was made by: Henry Arnold, L. J. Chambon and J. E. Schlieper. After the charter was made in Pittsburgh the business was moved to McDonald, Pa. Residence in McDonald fought incorporation so not to have their property values decline but lost, as the Commonwealth could not decline an application to incorporate for this reason. The request would have to be in liquor court.

Mueller & Kusen (Brewery Supply)
House Building, Pittsburgh
Paul H Mueller and E W Kusen were partners in the brewery supply business of Mueller & Kusen of Pittsburgh’s Strip District. Hopkins 1914 Atlas, Plate 10 shows the property of the supply business at 1633 Liberty Avenue belonging to E J Visack, a son of Leopold. The House Building would have been the main office for the company, which formed in late 1905.

Fredrick W Mueller (1847 – February 17, 1907) was Pittsburgh Brewing Company’s president. Paul was his son. The House Building is the first building on the right on Fort Pitt Blvd. when coming off the Smithfield Street Bridge.

Mutual Union Brewing Co.514 Union Ave, Aliquippa, Pa.
Formed in 1906 by Allegheny County liquor dealers. Although the brewery was in Aliquippa, Beaver County, the main office was in Pittsburgh in the Union Arcade Building. The 1918 brewmaster was Nikolas and his assistant was William Raub.
Industrial Directory, Volume 3, 1919 has Union Arcade, Pittsburgh (Allegheny County) as the main office, but the Industrial Directory…of Pennsylvania: Volume 4, 1922 has the office at 1218 W Carson St, Pittsburgh.

The company also incorporated the Crescent Brewery in Irwin, Westmoreland County on June 10, 1905. It was re-named Union in 1913. The Crescent Brewery in 1915 acquired a brewery in Duquesne.

Oakmont Brewing Company
Allegheny Avenue
Owner: Mia Tedesco, a 23-year-old professional drag racer from Murrysville
Proposed her plan to the Borough in early 2017.
Formerly the Guiding Light, an antique lighting store owned by Michael Tedesco, her father. The company incorporated on May 8, 2017 but this company never went beyond the planning stage.

Jacob Well Malting & Brewing
Jacob Well Malting & Brewing Company was operating in 1897 Pittsburgh but I do not know if they were an out of town outlet.

Parts Unknown Brewing Co.
Address of private home remains unpublished
Proposed for 2014.

Pilsener Brewing Company
This was a Cleveland brewery that closed and sold the brand rights to the Duquesne Brewery, South Side.

Pittsburgh Brewery
St. Paul, Minnesota
Located on the east bank of Phalen Creek, at the intersection of Greenbrier and Minnehaha. Andrew F. Keller operated the Pittsburgh Brewery in St. Paul, Minnesota from 1860-1864. After defaulting on a load his brewery was taken over by Hamm’s.

Pittsburgh Landing, Tennessee
St. Paul’s history notes 5th Minnesota Volunteer Infantry Regiment at the battle of Shilon near Pittsburgh Landing, Tennessee. This was in 1862 but they ware mustered in 1860.

Pittsburgh Ale & Porter Depot
The St Paul Press had an advert on April 11, 1862 on M. Dorniden’s Pittsburgh Ale & Porter Depot at Jackson Street between 5
th & 6th. He had just received a “splendid stock of the above, Ales and Porters, which will sell cheap for cash, by the barrel, half barrel, bottle or glass. Also a fine stock of Liquor and Cigars at wholesale and retail.”

The Press also noted that George Benz’s Union Hall was stocked with Lill’s XXX Stock Ale and Pittsburgh Ale & Porter.

Pittsburgh Central Brewing Co.
Incorporated September 4, 1906 as noted in the
List of Charters of Corporations Enrolled in the Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth 1907.

Schiltz Brewing Company, Joseph
Unknown location
This was listed in the
New York Central Lines Industrial Directory and Shippers’ Guide 1920-1921 (page 221). Schiltz was also listed for Columbus, Ohio. I would not assume that they were brewing here as out of town brewers had distribution facilities in other cities.

Carl and Amelia (Seaald) Schultz were from (near) Saarbrucken-on-Rhine, Germany. They came to America about 1845 and lived and worked in Birmingham, now Pittsburgh’s South Side. Carl worked at a brewery. They moved to Mifflin Township and Carl continued in the brewery business. During the Civil Was he conducted the first licensed hotel in Braddock, Pa. Carl died in 1900 in Whitaker, Pa. at the age of 73.

Charles Adolf Schultz, Carl’s son was born in Mifflin Township on August 19, 1857. He became the postmaster at Hays Park, Pa. and was a merchant there. He managed the Homestead Brewery. His maternal grandfather was Peter Seawald, was born in Germany and came to America 1850. He lived and operated a flour mill in Mifflin Township.

Straw Bale Brewing
The brewer(s) are currently home brewers and do not have a license to sell. They (he?) currently live in Mt. Lebanon. Pa., but that is no indication that the brewery will be located there. Additionally, Hitchhiker Brewing is also situated in Mt. Lebanon, which opened a brewpub in 2014.

Straub – Spring Brewing Co.
(Not a Pittsburgh/Allegheny City brewery)
Some reference material may have this located in Allegheny City. Evidence indicates that Peter Straub did work in Pittsburgh but never owned a brewery. He did buy a brewery in St. Mary’s but after he left Allegheny City. Peter bought the Benzinger Spring Brewery in St. Mary’s, Elk County, from his father-in-law in 1872. Robertson has Straub buying the Volk Brewery and stating that is dates back to 1872. (Robertson, page 127)

Three Crossing Restaurant
2601 Smallman St. Strip District (formerly Spaghetti Warehouse)
Applicant: Rocco Magrino Land developer had a Pittsburgh zoning hearing (Zone Case 186 of 2017) on May 25, 2017 for renovation and new addition for use as restaurant and brewery. This is to become a Cinderlands Brewery.

Weber & Co. Brewery
Location unknown
Started as Frank Weber (1878-1879) and became F. Weber & Co. (1879-1880) This brewery was identified in the 1880 publication,
Beer, Its History and Its Economic Value, by F. W. Salem & Co.
Weber operated a brewery in Cincinnati, Ohio.
The 1879
Pittsburgh Directory has Frank Weber, brewery at Liberty and Main, which was Herman Straub & Son at the time. The list of Breweries does not list him.

Weiss Iron City Beer
East Pittsburgh
Weiss would have been a bottler providing a service to breweries. Bottles with the company name and Iron City Beer have been seen.

Weis Brewery, Joseph
Unknown location
Opened 1874 Closed 1875