West End
Pittsburgh neighborhood (Allegheny County, Pennsylvania)

April 18, 2017

West End Historical Note

The City of Pittsburgh renamed the Borough of Temperanceville (founded in 1837) and created as a borough on October 29, 1859 by court order. It became West End when annexed by Pittsburgh in 1872 being the 36
th Ward.

Brewery Locations

Metzer Brewery
Owner: Michael Metzer
Michael Metzer came to American from Bavaria and settled in the West End. It is said that he started a brewery but I can find little information on this. A bio on one of his sons shows that the family came to the West End before the 1860’s. After 5 years in the West End he moved to Etna. For more on this see the Metzer entry in the Millvale page.

Schmelz Brewery
Steuben Street opposite Cherry Alley, which is near Chartiers Ave
Operating dates unknown but noted in the 1887 Pittsburgh Directory at Steuben, north of Chartiers. Located in Borough of Elliot on the 1896 Atlas.
Heinrich Schmelz was identified as a brewery owner in the late 1880’s.
Oscar L. Jurkat in
Just Living by Faith, 1958, is a primary source of information. The brewery had a cave in the rear of the property facing the back ally.

Hopkins 1896 Atlas, Plate 12 shows a brewery on Steuben Street.
Hy. Schmelz owned the lot and adjoining parcel (now woods). Although the brewery is shown it should not be assumed that it was operating at the time of the survey.

The Philadelphia Architects Society note the brewery as H. Schmelz at 303 Steuben Street.

Weising Brewery, Henry
Weising Brothers Bottling Works
(Linhart St per 1900 directory)
Linhart, north of Steuben
Operating dates: 1880-1882
A Henry Weising and Caroline (Nusser) Weising
Henry C Weising (if same) lived at 725 Municipal Street in 1917.
Hopkins 1890 map shows property belonging to H C & W C Weising in the (then) 36
th Ward of Pittsburgh. The property was between Atwood and an un-named way but today would be in the vicinity of Furley Street. The property also lies outside the 36 Ward.

West End Brewery
Owner: Henry Schoelz
Operated from 1874 until 1890.
This entry originated at Tavern Trove (.com). To date I can find no information to verify the brewery or Mr. Schoelz. Accounting for corruptions in names the brewery at this location in 1890 may have been the Schmelz, above.

I have found a Henry Scholz from Freiburg, Germany who became a very successful brewer in Roanoke, VA.