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Pittsburgh neighborhood (Allegheny County, Pennsylvania)

October 10, 2020

North Side Historical Note
Allegheny City and the Boroughs of Manchester and Duquesne with parts of Reserve Township make up what is now the North Side of Pittsburgh.

Brewery Locations West of Federal Street
(Manchester & Woods Run)

Manchester was laid out in 1832 and annexed by Allegheny in 1867.

Allegheny Brewing Co. (Bismarck Ave)
Bismarck Ave off Woods Run (Woods Run area)
Chrysosfom Wilheim, President; WA Wilheim, Secretary & Treasurer; Michael Davis & Patrick Mertel are directors.
Hopkins 1910 Atlas, Plate 41
Located on land belonging to Joseph Wilhelm. The brewery was located north of Davis, which no longer extends to Woods Run. A driveway now leads to homes adjacent to Brikhoff St (Bismarck). Contributor, Dave Watts was told by locals that the brewery was bought by the Independent Brewing Company but there is no record of that occurring.

It was reported in the
Pittsburgh Gazette Times on May 1, 1911 that the brewery was put on sheriff’s sale on April 15, 1911 by order of the Court of Common Pleas. The owner was Chrysosfom Wilheim et ux, for Joseph Wilheim, who held the deed (Volume 1703/Page 635) since November 27, 1909. The plant consisted of a two and three story concrete and frame brew house, bottling house, ice plant and frame stable. The plant had an annual capacity of 50,000 barrels.

The Pittsburgh Press reported on 1902 that the brewery was to increase the capital spending from $1,000 to $50,000. At the brewery’s inception it held all the stock in private hands. America Brewers’ Review of 1911 reported that Alleghany Brewing Company purchased several buildings fronting 310 feet on Bismarck Avenue.

Allegheny Spring Water Brewery
Rebecca Street, Allegheny City
The Allegheny Spring Water Brewery is remarkable in that it has operated in one spot for over about 60 years. The only other brewery in Pittsburgh to operate longer is the Iron City Brewery in Lawrenceville. It had a life of 140+ years between the 1860’s and early 2000’s. Allegheny went through a number of owners. Some did better than others but the brewery operated continuously all its life.

A great deal of this information come from the Pittsburgh Directories.
Rebecca Street is parallel to the Allegheny River.
Bank Street is perpendicular to the Allegheny River.
The brewery was located on the north-west corner of the intersection of Rebecca and Bank.
Bank Street became Isabella Court.
Corry Street is perpendicular to the Allegheny River.
The brewery appears on
Plate 30 of the 1886 Hopkins map.opkins map .
Today the brewery location can be located by coming down Merchant Street to Martindale Street and turning left. It would be at the eastern corner of the Clark Building.

W. A. Irwin 1832
First known (by Vidunas) to be in business according to Thurston. This may be 1837

W. A. Irwin & Co. 1837
The brewery was located on Bank Lane. The 1837 directory listed the brewery of having 7 workers producing 3,3oo barrels of Porter, Beer and Ale annually, which had a worth of about $18,000. At this time the Wainwright Brewery brewed 1,000 barrels bringing in $6,000 and the Franklin Brewing doing 3,500 barrels earning $16,500.

William Irwin was enjoying retirement on Bank lane in 844.

R. A. Campbell & Co. 1841 – 1862
Allegheny Brewery noted in 1861 directory through 1862..
R. A. Campbell Esq, was noted as a brewer in the 1841 and 1844 Pittsburgh directories. He was living on Water Street at Pitt Street, which would have been in downtown Pittsburgh. He is buried in Union Dale Cemetery Division One, Section A (formerly Mount Union Cemetery). There is no date on his headstone.

Robert Smull was a brewer on Rebecca St. in 1850.
1861 directory has R. A. Campbell & Co., Rebecca north of Corry.
Note: Rebecca is essentially eastwardly from Corry to Bank Lane with a slight declanation to the north.

William McKee & Co. 1863
They were noted in the 1863 directory as the owner of a steam ale brewery.
William lived on South Avenue north of Bank Lane.

W. W. Anderson Brewery 1864
Appears for the first time in the 1864 directory and as a seller of wholesale Ale in 1866.
The address is 387 Rebecca and not 465.

It seems odd that both McKee and Anderson would have the brewery for only one year.

Carson, Darlington & Co. 1867
James Carson and harry Darlington bough the breweries of Joshua Rhodes in downtown Pittsburgh and the W. W. Anderson Brewery on Rebecca Street in Allegheny City.
Carson & Darlington operated as the Pittsburgh Brewery, which was established by Rhodes.
Anderson probably was having a tough go at it and Rhodes was renting the brewery to C & D just before selling outright on 1868. Carson, Darlington has a large advert in the 1868 directory confirming the purchase of the Rhodes and Anderson breweries. No mention in the ad of Smith. The 1869 directory has the J. M. arson brewery on Barker Alley and the Darlington Brewery on First Avenue. Smith & Co. were independent. Carson was out of the brewing business by 1871.

After selling to Carson & Darlington, Joshua Rhodes & Co. operated a malt mill on Penn Street but was now living in Allegheny.

Smith & Co. 1868 – 1871
Allegheny Brewery of Smith & Brothers in the1868 directory.
Carson, Darlington bought Anderson, who was only in business for one year. They then immediately sold to Smith. Carson and Darlington’s partnership was coming to an end and Smith was now separated from C & D.

Smith & Co. had a large advert in th e1871 directory that identified them as the owners of the Allegheny Brewery, makers of Spring Water Ale. The ad had Thomas Booth and R. A. Young. The malt house was at 244 Penn Street, Pittsburgh.

William Smith of Smith & Co. was listed in the 1868 directory living on Hemlock.
Thomas Booth of Smith & Co. in the 1868 directory.
Harry Darlington was a brewer in 1868 living on Ferry Street in Pittsburgh. He was with Carson at this time. Darlington operated a brewery on First Ave. in Pittsburgh but would reappear in 1881.

Young & Booth - Spring Water Ales 1872
Hopkins 1872 Atlas, Plate 72 shows the Allegheny Brewery as owned by Young & Booth. The Hopkins 1882 Atlas, Plate 30 shows the Allegheny Brewery on Rebecca Street (and St. Martin St) between Corry St and Isabella Court. Thomas Booth brewed in Allegheny City with a Mr. Brown

Thomas Booth Allegheny Brewery 1880
459 to 467 Rebecca Street

Darlington's Breweries 1881 – 1890
459 to 467 Rebecca Street
Harry Darlington went from Darlington’s Brewery to Darlington’s Breweries when he took control of the Rebecca Street brewery. He maintained his general office at 112 First Street in Pittsburgh but also had 110 First Ave.

Pittsburgh Brewing Company 1891
110 & 112 First Ave, Pittsburgh
W. H. DeWald, President of Pittsburgh Brewing Co.
Brewers of Ale & Porter. Successors to Darlington & Co.
Harry Darlington ended his brewing ventures with the sale to the newly formed Pittsburgh Brewing Co. DeWald & Wuesthoff was here in 1892. They were bottlers and brewers and could have continued brewing here but they moved to the Strip District soon after. I can assume that PBC acquired the Rebecca Street plant in the sale but I have no proof of that. I do not have any idea what happened to the Allegheny brewery property after 1891.

End Allegheny Spring Water Brewery

Biers Brewery (D.B.A. Biers Pub)
900-902 Western Avenue
Brewery license holder: Iron Roots Productions LLC, Jake Bier
Received a pending license on March 31, 2017 per Pa. LCB website. Jake Bier is also the license holder for the War Streets Brewery on Arch Street in this section. The venue operating as Biers Pub was formerly Benjamin’s Western Avenue Burger Bar.

First National Brewing Company
NOT IN THE REGIONAL COUNT (needs further investigation)
Preble Avenue, near Island Avenue, Allegheny City, Ninth Ward
Listed in the
Pittsburgh Post Gazette, March 19, 1898, page 8 for a granting of a liquor license by the court.
See Hopkins 1890, Plates 15 & 16 for the street location.
This is not in the count as it may be a storage site for an out of area brewery.

Gangwisch & Co. Brewery
Gangwisch & Co. Brewery
Owners: R. H. Gangwisch, John Gangwisch & J. S. Straub
Magnolia (Market) St & Juniata St
Richard H. Gangwisch was with the Manchester Brewery (1887 – 1891) along with John L Straub. This came from Tavern Trove (.com). This brewery operated until an explosion forced it to close in 1889. Richard Gangwisch went to work at the Phoenix Brewery in the Strip District.

Annual Report for the Chamber of Commerce of Pittsburgh has H. Deppel for the year 1882.

The Real Estate Plat Book of the City of Allegheny (Volume 1) 1890 Plate 15 has property of W. Deppel but does not show a brewery. Plate 13 has property on the katty corner with Wilhelm as owner. J. Straub had property (home) on Preble, south of Locust. J. Ober had a large lot across the street.

Both the brewery and the land were acquired from John Deppel about 1887. A story in the Pittsburgh Dispatch (August 21, 1889) told of a boiler explosion at the brewery. The brewery may have closed after this as the property had a new owner as of 1901. Richard Gangwisch went to the Phoenix Brewery after this brewery closed after the explosion.

Boiler Explosion
On August 21, 1889, the Pittsburgh Dispatch reported of a boiler explosion at the Gangwisch & Co. Brewery in Allegheny. The owners of the brewery were: R. H. Gangwisch, John Gangwisch and J. S. Straub. They were also the owners of the building having bought it from John Deppel in1887.

A newspaper in Virginia reported of the explosion at Straub’s Brewery, Allegheny City. “An explosion occurred at Staub's brewery, Allegheny City, this afternoon. Three men are reported Killed and a number injured.”

Oddity: In addition to the Pittsburgh Dispatch, the Pittsburgh Post also ran the story of the explosion. What was evident in each newspaper was the glairing and unexpected observation that the story in each paper was identical

Krauss Brewery, Fred
Pennsylvania Ave
Believed to have opened 1858 and closed in 1859, yet Thurston has him identified in his 1857
Facts & Figures publication. Krauss was brewing lager bier.

Manchester Ale Brewery (J. & H. Dippel)
Market St & Juniata St
Allegheny City, Sixth Ward
Followed by the Gangwisch Brewery
Shown in Hopkins Atlas of 1872, Plate 88
Shown in Hopkins 1872, Table of Contents as a lager brewery.
Established by Henry Deppel. Henry had a brewery in Downtown in 1844 that was destroyed in the 1845 fire.
Rosedale German Cemetery has a Henry Deppel (March 23, 1847 – May 10, 1886)
Henry Deppel, March 8, 1847(42?) – May 10, 1886 (39 years)
Jacob Deppel, September 17, 1845 – May 31, 1878 (32 years)

See Gangwisch Brewery. The property had W. Deppel as owner in 1890.

Thurston noted the name incorrectly as Henry Biple in his
Directory of Pittsburgh and Allegheny cities. Thurston’s 1868 directory has the J & H Brewery on Chestnut Street owned by Jacob and Henry Dipple. Henry lived at 65 Chestnut Street and Jacob at 67.

Miller & Lang
Pennsylvania Avenue
Mentioned in Thurston’s 1857 publication,
Fact or Figures as a lager bier brewery.
This may be in error as this brewery should by in Oakland.

Southern Tier Brewing
316 North Shore Drive
Received a brewing license on October 25, 2016. This is the first satellite brewery of the New York brewery from Lakewood. The brewery opened on January 24, 2017.

Phin and Sara DeMink founded Southern Tier in 2002 in Lakewood, NY. They aalong with Ulysses Management LLC founded Artisanal Brewing Ventures, Charlotte, NC.

Tschudy Brewery (Thomas)
New Brighton Rd
As shown of the Hopkins 1872 Atlas, Plate 77. Henry Street and Uniondale Cemetery were in the rear of the property. Tschudy had a number of adjacent properties suggesting that he was a man of means. Hopkins has the name as T. Schudy, which I believe is in error.

Beer bottles were embossed with F. (Felix) Tschudy Bartholomay’s Rochester Beer; Pittsburgh, Pa. Bartholomay was brewed in Rochester and bottled in Pittsburgh. Felix Tschudy was a wholesale dealer for this beer. His warehouse was located at Liberty Avenue and 22
nd Street (Strip District).

War Streets Brewery
1416 Arch Street at Jacksonia
Jake Bier, owner and brewer (no license as of December 1, 2015)
Brewery occupies the first floor of an 1870’s firehouse.
Business formed September 14, 2015 with opening by 2016.