East Liberty
Pittsburgh neighborhood (Allegheny County, Pennsylvania)

January 5, 2016 (Revised June 14, 2019)

East Liberty Historical Note

The Negley family was one of the earliest settlers in the area and in 1819 Jacob Negley surveyed and created a plan of lots he named East Liberty.

Brewery Locations

Collins Avenue Brewery
Collins Avenue, north of Hoeveler St (now Negley Run Blvd.)
Opened 1874 Closed 1875 according to other works.
Atlas 1872, Plate 70 shows buildings identified as a brewery.
Atlas 1882, Plate 21 shows building with no identification.
Atlas 1890, Plate 15 has the land sub-divided and the Hoeveler property sold to Wainwright.

This brewery was un-named and sat on land owned by C. Hoeveler. This brewery would have been open prior to Wolf’s (below) entry into Pittsburgh. By 1886 the land was sub-divided and developed with no brewery being shown. A good portion of the land (but not at the brewery site) was sold to Joseph Z. Wainwright.

Highland Brewery Reference: C. Hoeveler was president of the German Insurance Company on Highland Avenue (1870, 19th Ward). He also owned land in East Liberty and one could make an assumption that this could have been the Highland Brewery but that is purely speculative on my part.

Highland Brewing Company
Thomas & Richland Avenues (North-East corner)
Their charter was filed with the Pennsylvania Secretary of State has the corporation enrolled on September 10, 1902. American Brewers’ Review, Volume 19, 1905 had Highland being partially completed in 1905 and as a branch of the Independent Brewing Co. This entry appears in the Homewood page as well.

Rosemund, brewer
Not in the Regional Count
The 1880
Pittsburgh Directory had Adolf Rosenmund (b.1839 – d.1897 unconfirmed) listed as a beer manufacturer, Sheridan and Ross, ee (East End), whicj is in East Liberty. Buried in St. Mary’s Cemetery, Section 1, Lawrenceville. The directory had Rose Street but this may have been an error as Hopkins shows Ross Street (now Rodman) at Sheridan.

Three Mugs Brew Pub
5967 Broad St (East Liberty)
Pittsburgh Pa. 15206-3007
LCB License No G 579 & GP 579 Pending – New or Transfer as of March 28, 2015
A December 27, 2015 search of the Pa. LCB license data base shows the pending license has been removed.
Bradley M Smith and Alesha A Smith

Business Incorporation
Three Mugs Brew Pub LLC filed on February 5, 2014

“Three Mugs Brewpub Pittsburgh Pa” is trademarked
Published for opposition on March 10, 2015 by Kirstin Biedinger (lawyer)
Address: 1316 Portview Circle, Pittsburgh, (Baldwin) Pa. 15227

Bigler Brewing Company
Alesha A Smith (married to David Bigler) is a principal with Bigler Brewing Company of Pittsburgh and it was established November 4, 2010 per Pa Department of State.

Tim Schooley, Pittsburgh Business Times reporter wrote on July 23, 2014 of a proposed brewpub that is in the planning stage. The brewery will be in The Hotel Indigo, which is being built in Indigo Square. The brewery’s owners expect to open in 2015 and as of July 23rd they do not have a brewery license. We will be monitoring.

Brewery Location in West Elizabeth

Speculating that this may be Wolf’s Brewery based on dates.
The 1876 atlas, plate 26 shows the Jno. (John) Warner Brewery at the intersection of Border Street and Township Road, which was the West Elizabeth Borough line. The brewery sat on Township Road but not in the borough. Werner came to Jefferson Township in 1871 and opened the brewery. The brewery had to be rebuilt after its purchase. His capacity was 40 barrels a day. He was denied a license in 1888 under the Brooks Law and his property was nearly taken by the license court of Allegheny County.

Similar Names: The American Brewers Review (Volume 19) of 1905 indicated that the Independent Brewing Company bought the Anton Brewery of Monongahela. The Review, Volume 22, announced the death of Fred M. Anton, age 56. He died in his home in Monongahela on November 11, 1908. The brewery was founded in 1899 in which he was one of several founders.

History of Allegheny County has Wolf as a bakery Pittsburgh for the year 1865 before going to Cincinnati. Later in life he moved to West Elizabeth and started a brewery that he later sold to John Werner.

Melchior Wolf (b.April 18, 1844) and his brother Anton formed an ale brewery in West Elizabeth but sold it to James Wener. Melchior was a founder in the Monongahela Brewing Co.; established in 1901.

Highland Brewing Co. Topographical Location: Originally the land was known as East Liberty but it was never a borough. Today, The City of Pittsburgh places it in the neighborhood of North Point Breeze. As past historians placed it in East Liberty and Homewood, and that it is closer today to Homewood, I count this brewery to be in Homewood.

Persons Identified with these Breweries

Wolf, Anton
Anton (1b.841-1892) was born in Wurtemberg, Germany and came to America in 1857. While in Germany be learned the art of brewing. Before coming to Pittsburgh in 1870, (at the age of 29) he lived in West Elizabeth, Pa. where he worked in the trade and then operated a brewery with his brother Melchior Wolf. Anton is not known to have brewed in Pittsburgh but he did have a hotel on Penn Avenue in East Liberty. Hopkins 1880 Atlas, Plate 15 shows Wolf’s property at 6007 Penn Avenue but without description. The lot is 25 feet wide and could be a residence. He was known to have sold liquor and or beer from this address as he applied for a license on March 18, 1889.

Anton, Fred
Fred M. Anton died in his home at the age of 56 on November 11, 1908. He was one of the founders of the Anton Brewing Company in Monongahela.

Thomas Finley (Special Entry)
(Placed here for reference only)
An 1818 directory listed Mr. Finley as a brewer in East Liberty. The only known brewery here would have been the Collins Avenue Brewery. The directory presumes Finley as a worker and not as an owner. As I cannot tie the brewery and Finley together so I can’t say that he worked there. This entry is for reference only and not shown in my Brewer’s Index.