Pittsburgh neighborhood (Allegheny County, Pennsylvania)

December 25, 2019

Bloomfield Historical Note

Bloomfield was a part of Peebles Township when it was annexed by the City of Pittsburgh in 1868.

Brewery Locations

Spring Brewery Owner: Haper & Pfeil Laurel Ave & Juniper St (at Spring St) Followed by: Wood Brewing Co Juniper runs into Laurel and eventually becomes Sassafras Street at Pittsburgh Brewing. The Brewery was believed to be here from 1871 to 1877. Hopkins shows it on 1872 Plate 18 (in the 16th Ward).
Standard Berwery
See Wood Brewery, below.

Union Brewery
I assert that the name Union Brewery identifies the long union between
The Gangwisch and Straub families had a long relationship and partnered in brewing in several locations. The Straub family was dominant in Allegheny City whereas Gangwisch was predominantly in the Strip District.
Union Brewery-Gangwisch Owner: Gangwisch Liberty and Main St (Gangwish St is parallel to Main) Followed by Union Brewery – Herman Straub & Son As shown on Historic Map Group 1, 1872, Plate 54 Operated by John P. Gangwisch’s son, John N. Straub Gangwisch came to this location after the Pennsylvania Railroad bought his property in the Strip District in the 1860’s. He was known to be here by at least 1870 based on the survey (below), but I have no firm date. According to John Schneider who worked for Gangwisch in 1875, Gangwisch went bankrupt. Schneider did not give the location of the brewery. Gangwisch had two investors at the Liberty Street brewery so it is reasonable that they were at Bloomfield as well. They could have been Straub & Lugewig but Herman & Theodor Straub (from the North Side) bought the Bloomfield brewery. Gangwisch & Straub were founding members of the Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce in 1876. Industries of Pittsburgh has Gangwisch opening the Union Brewery (in Bloomfield) before he opened the Allegheny Valley Brewery (which became St. Julian), which opened in 1876. Industries did does not give an opening date for the Union nor does it assert that Gangwisch gave it the name Union. Gangwish & Klopper Survey The Gangwish & Klopper Survey was dated February 2, 1870 and recorded on March 6, 1870 in Allegheny County. This survey showed the size and location of his land. It is the same representation as shown on Hopkins 1872 Atlas, Plate 54. The survey shows a brewery on the land with John N. Gangwish as property owner. The survey did not use the c in his name. Gangwisch Street Gangwisch Street is at the rear of the property and runs parallel to Liberty. It was sometimes spelled without the c and that may have come from the survey. Sale to Straub Bothers: The Straub brothers, Herman & Theodore, from Allegheny City would take this brewery over probably before the Straub-Eberhardt & Ober merger in 1883. The 1872 map does not use the name Union Brewery, only Brewery but we know it belonged to Gangwisch at the time. The Straub Brewery became a part of Pittsburgh Brewing in 1899.
Straub & Gangwisch Brewing Company, Allegheny City
152 South Canal Street
Straub and Gangwisch were in partnership in 1874. John Gangwisch operated a brewery in Bloomfield in 1874. An 1882 Hopkins atlas (plate 10) identifies the land as the Straub & Son – Union Brewery.

Gangwisch & Straub Brewing Company, Bloomfield The Pittsburgh directory of 1875 identified Gangwisch & Straub as the brewers at Liberty & Main indicating that they may have been partners. Gangwisch and Herman Straub could have formed a partnership before moving to Bloomfield and remained together until Gangwisch moved to Lawrenceville.
Union Brewery-Straub Owner: Herman Straub & Son Liberty Ave and Main St between Ella & Howley Streets Preceded by: John Gangwish Union Brewery Followed by: Straub Brewery of Pittsburgh Brewing Co. Herman Straub & Co. (Aka: (Henry) Nichols, Straub & Hammer, 1884) 1883-1899
Some reference material has this location as being in Lawrenceville. The Straubs at this brewery are relatives of John N. Straub and not Peter Straub of St. Mary’s, Pa. 1918 Brewmaster was D K Straub Herman A. Straub (October 22, 1878-April 7, 1956) was a collecting clerk for the brewery. His father was Herman (1848). Theodore was not heavily involved in this as he moved to other activities. The Straubs at this brewery are relatives of John N. Straub and not Peter Straub of St. Mary’s, Pa. Nichols, Straub, & Hammer One document has the name Nichols, Straub & Hammer operating here between 1883 and 1899. Some reference material has this location as Lawrenceville. I cannot verify the Nichols, Straub & Hammer ownership.

C L Straub operated a saloon on Liberty Ave at Main St, Bloomfield in 1880.
J H Straub was a brewer living at 75 Perry Ave, Allegheny in 1880.
John N Straub & Son brewers at Liberty and Main. Bloomfield in 1880. John continued to operate the John N Straub & Company brewery on South Canal Street.

Straub Brewery-Pittsburgh Brewing Owner: Pittsburgh Brewing Company Liberty Ave and Main St between Ella & Howley Streets Pittsburgh Brewing: The Straub Brewery was bought by the Pittsburgh Brewing Company in 1899. The1918 Brewmaster was D K Straub. It operated as a brewery until 1920 when PCBC became the Tech Food Products Company and operated it as an ice cream plant. This was noted on a Sanborn Insurance map, which also showed a new building addition built in 1921. Historical Note: Iron City brewery workers voted in 1981 for a new contract with Pittsburgh Brewing Co. The vote took place at the VFW Hall on Gangwisch Street in Bloomfield.
Wood Brewery
Owner: See below
Laurel Ave & Juniper St (at Spring St)
Preceded by: the Spring Brewery.
The brewery has been referred to as:
HT & AH Wood from 1878 – 1879
Wood S. Brothers from1879 – 1882
Wood Brewing Company from 1882 – 1884
William Wood was a helper at the brewery.
Alfred Wood was a brewer at 804 Penn. H. N. Wood was a foreman at 804 Penn (both in 1887).
I have found no information to tie this brewery to the (Adam) Wood Steam Brewery in the Strip District of earlier times.

Trace Brewery
4314 Main St. 15224
Owner: Dave Kushner and Solera Brewing Group in affiliation with Solera Brewing Consultants
Head Start-Up Brewer: Brandon McCarthy
In 2018 David Kushner started
Remnant Brewing in Massachusetts.
Trace was given a brewing license G43925 on Oct. 24, 2019 but the license was noted to be in safekeeping. This usually means that the brewery may be far from opening.